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Soaring to Success: The Benefits of Summer Tutoring for Elementary School Students

As the school year draws to a close and the sun-kissed days of summer beckon, many families shift their focus away from academics. However, amidst the allure of leisure and relaxation, lies a golden opportunity for elementary school students: summer tutoring. While it may seem counterintuitive to ... Read More


Summer Reading Lists and the Power of Libraries

As a child, I can remember walking into the library for the first time. The smell of the books, the gurgle of the water feature, the hushed voices of the librarians all had a profound impact on me. I had demonstrated enough responsibility to be entrusted with a library card and could select my own ... Read More


Summer Standardized Testing

Is your student going to be a sophomore or junior next year? Do they have a particularly challenging course load coming up? Then summer time is the best time to prepare for the PSAT/SAT or ACT! With individualized and customized tutoring at all of our AJ locations and virtual options to allow some ... Read More


How to Avoid the Summer Slide: Let’s Plan for the Summer!

Want to avoid the summer slide and Learning Loss? With finals and the end of the school year rapidly approaching, now is the time to put together a plan for continued learning this summer! Summer Learning Loss, also known as the Summer Slide, continuously threatens the hard work your student has ... Read More

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