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Preparing for the PSAT When You’re Really Busy!

For many juniors in high school, the academic year is jam-packed with challenging classes, extracurriculars, and, of course, standardized tests. At AJ Tutoring, our goal is always to lessen the stress for students and help them build confidence while achieving their potential. This is the ... Read More


3 Surprising Benefits of Preparing for the PSAT (And 1 Unsurprising Benefit)

At AJ Tutoring, it’s our mission to support students as they encounter and engage with academic challenges like complex coursework and formidable standardized tests for the first few times. As part of our commitment to simplify and demystify the process, we often speak with parents and students ... Read More


SAT Subject Test in Physics: Yes or No?

AJ Tutoring works with students across almost every academic subject imaginable, all of which have their own difficulties and hurdles for students to overcome. One of the broadest subjects in the high school curriculum is physics, and it is one of the most popular subjects that AJ is called on to ... Read More


Choosing the Right SAT Subject Tests

During the test preparation process, the sheer number of tests and test dates can be overwhelming. Here at AJ, we have an expert knowledge of college entrance exams and can help you navigate the journey. Here’s a brief guide to one test (the SAT Subject Test, or SAT II) and how students can ... Read More

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