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Take a free, virtually proctored SAT through AJ Tutoring!

Calling all sophomores and juniors! Now that local high schools are cancelling their January 2021 PSAT plans, AJ Tutoring is offering a free, virtually-proctored exam for sophomores and juniors to give them some exposure to the format and question types on the PSAT and SAT.  When is? ... Read More


How AJ Tutoring Can Help With AP Economics

The two economics AP tests―Macroeconomic and Microeconomics―are among the fastest growing test prep s at AJ Tutoring. The  classes and tests are highly coachable, and the subject matter has myriad everyday and career applications.   The Course Many schools teach Micro- and ... Read More


SAT vs. ACT: The 4 Main Differences

One of the most frequently asked questions from juniors in high school and their families is whether to prepare for the SAT or the ACT. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer! The optimal path depends on the student’s strengths, weaknesses, and personal preferences.  If you’d like to ... Read More


Thinking of Taking SAT Subject Tests this Fall?

The fall semester is here and the college application process is picking up steam. Does your student need one last shot to boost his or her application? SAT subject tests are one-hour exams offered in a variety of academic subjects. While not required by most colleges, subject tests are a way to ... Read More

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