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Critical Thinking & Problem Solving in Math

“I’m not sure what to do.” It is one of the most frustrating situations for a student because you can feel completely lost and without a sense of direction. Time and time again, students get stumped on an assignment or dreaded word problem. They have just recently learned the concepts, ... Read More


Math Education in the Era of COVID-19

As we all navigate our way through the COVID-19 pandemic and into a new normal, many thoughts are going through our heads: can I bring my COVID puppy to work? Where the heck did I put my vaccination card? What’s math going to be like this fall? More fun I hope! With schools (and tutoring ... Read More


School’s Back in Session!

To all of our students, new and returning, we at AJ Tutoring are very excited to see you back for another school year! Now that classes have been in session in the Bay Area for a few weeks, we’re looking forward to helping you with your academic coursework and tests this year. As courseworks ... Read More


How to Start Strong This School Year

At AJ Tutoring, it’s our favorite time of the year! It’s when we get to see the smiling faces of our students who have been away for summer. We at AJ Tutoring are excited to welcome in the new school year and renew our mission to provide an excellent quality of education to local students. ... Read More

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