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Spring Cleaning

When you hear the term “spring cleaning” what immediately comes to mind? Purging outdated clothes? Maybe wiping down the baseboards? Here at AJ we approach Spring Cleaning in a different way! Second semester is in full swing, and the end of the school year is coming around the corner sooner ... Read More


For Your Consideration…Foreign Languages!

One of the greatest A-G requirements that high school students can experience is taking a foreign language. In these classes, your student isn’t just learning how to communicate in a new way. They are learning about a culture outside of their own, exploring rich new histories, utilizing ... Read More


Looking Ahead to Springtime!

The holiday lights and wrapping paper are finally put away and the leftovers have all been devoured. Now our students are back in school and getting back into their routines. Pretty soon the weather will start to warm up and spring will be upon us once again! What does springtime mean for us here ... Read More


What Your Student Needs When They Say: “I Don’t Understand What the Teacher Is Saying”

A common complaint heard from students is “I don’t understand what the teacher is saying” or “the teacher just doesn’t explain things well.” Is it that their teacher doesn’t explain the concept well? Generally, no. Instead what usually happens is that teachers have to lecture a ... Read More

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