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As the March SAT approaches, it’s time to start thinking about your student’s next steps with standardized testing.  Like the new redesigned SAT, the ACT is accepted by all colleges and may be a good option for your student.  With the recent changes to the SAT, the SAT and ACT are now more similar than ever, which is great news, as the methods and strategies learned for the SAT are now more transferable to the ACT exam.


SAT vs. ACT: how do they differ?

  • ACT questions are generally more straightforward, while SAT questions involve deeper critical thinking and advanced math.
  • The SAT is slightly less time pressured and the scoring allows students to miss more questions and still perform well
  • The ACT has a science section, unlike the SAT

It can be hard to predict which test will be a better fit.

We recommend taking both the SAT and ACT, since both tests are accepted equally by colleges. Students are always welcome to take a diagnostic ACT at AJ Tutoring’s offices on Saturdays. We’ll then score the test and compare it to your student’s SAT scores to determine which test might be a better fit. If the scores are similar, students should plan on sitting for both tests in the spring of junior year.

We know that preparing for standardized tests can involve a significant investment of time and money. With that in mind, we created our shorter ACT hybrid program. Primarily intended for students who have already completed AJ Tutoring’s full SAT program, the ACT hybrid program is shorter (3-4 sessions) and focuses on the differences between the two tests. Our ACT hybrid program emphasizes the faster pace of the ACT, as well as the ACT science section. Each student who completes the ACT hybrid program will take at least two full-length ACT exams, either at home or proctored at our office.

AJ Tutoring also offers a comprehensive 9 session ACT program for those students who would prefer more comprehensive instruction and a greater number of practice tests.

Many students who take the January or March SAT go on to take the ACT in April, and students who take the May SAT often take the June ACT.  With 5 or more weeks between the two tests, there is plenty of time for students to prepare for the ACT and maximize their chances of success on both tests!

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