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Simply stated, our individualized approach to test prep and academic tutoring gets results! In the past year, 80% of our SAT students have increased their score by 150 points or more. Many students also report that their math, reading, and writing skills not only their test taking skills improve well into their college years.

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 AJ Tutoring was really helpful in preparing for the SAT in a short amount of time. It's not overkill like some SAT classes. 

Lauren S.

Monte Vista High School


 My tutor's expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment helped me not only improve upon my already obtained skills, but also learn new ones. 

Stephen C.

12th grade, Sacred Heart Preparatory Academy


 AJ tutoring has helped me prepare for tests all year and take the stress out of the work. Also, all the tutors I have worked with have been extremely helpful and friendly. 

Christina B.

Burlingame High School


 Two children have used a combination of three AJ tutors - all with great success!! Very likable, and clear results. 

Darlyn S.

St. Ignatius College Preparatory parent


 Ryan had the perfect temperament and style for my son. I felt that my son respected Ryan and applied himself for his sake as well as not wanting to disappoint Ryan. The rapport was very important to me and Ryan fit the slot perfectly. 

Burlingame High School parent


 Our son has had a great experience working with David. The skills David has taught him will help him throughout his academic career, long after the SAT is over. 

Jeanne T.K.

Valley Christian High School parent


 It was extremely helpful and I learned so many new skills I never even thought existed while in a friendly and positive atmosphere. 

Bailey M.

12th grade, Mitty High School


 Andrew helped my son focus on his weaker areas and still maintain his skills on the stronger areas. Andrew did this with a very limited amount of time. 

Sheela M.P.

Willow Glen High School parent


 My daughter found the tutoring very helpful. Karen was easy for her to work with, and provided valuable instruction. She improved her SAT score from 1230 to 1430. She was very happy and felt that the tutoring made a huge difference for her. 

Leland High School parent


 I would be likely to recommend AJ Tutoring to a friend because she wasn't only helping me do better on the SAT but she made it fun at the same time. 

Sydney K.

Sir Francis Drake High School

 It's incredibly helpful and fits around your schedule. 

Alec W.

Tamalpais High School

 I would recommend AJ Tutoring because the strategies I learned were very helpful and my tutor was awesome! 

Ruthie D.

Lick-Wilmerding High School

 My SAT score went up 400 points. Enough said. 

Nick W.

Lowell High School

 AJ Tutoring is a great resource to have based on need and geographies. 

Christian S.

St. Ignatius College Preparatory

 My tutoring has increased my SAT score by at least 250 points and has really helped me with my calculus. 

Alyssa A.

St. Ignatius College Preparatory

 It definitely helped me with my test-taking skills and gave me enough confidence to do well on my tests. 

Clara L.

St. Ignatius College Preparatory

 I feel that AJ Tutoring gets students really prepared for the tests and provide good materieals to help students out. 

Sarah B.

St. Ignatius College Preparatory

 I believe it truly helped and the tutors are amazing and friendly/approachable. 

Georgina T.

San Francisco International High School

 Looking at how low my SAT results were and how much I have improved, I would definitely not be reluctant to recommend it to a friend. 

Madia T.

San Francisco University High School

My daughters' tutor (Patrick) made the test study process a positive experience for the girls - not an easy task. He got them to work very hard and they willingly did this. He also acted as a cheerleader for them and I think ... Read More

Marin Academy High School parent

 AJ Tutoring was wonderfully adaptive to my schedule. They were nice and very willingly helpful. 

Henry A.

Junipero Serra High School

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