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Petter Littlefield

Menlo Park Office Director
AJ Tutoring Inc.

A welcome from the director of AJ Tutoring's Menlo Park tutoring center

At AJ Tutoring, our Menlo Park tutors stand ready from kindergarten to college, dedicated to guiding you through every academic hurdle. Our services include private academic tutoring, SAT test preparation, PSAT coaching, ACT test prep, and comprehensive college counseling. Since our inception in 2006, we’ve been the trusted choice for students in Menlo Park, offering our exclusive curriculum that’s not just proven but is also personalized to cater to the unique learning requirements of every student.

What is your approach at Menlo Park Tutoring Center?

Beyond mere test preparation, we offer a holistic approach to education. Our college counseling program is particularly aimed at guiding students through the often intricate and overwhelming college application process, ensuring they find institutions that match their aspirations and potential. Nestled in the heart of Menlo Park, California, our tutors are more than just educators; they’re mentors. Many of them have devoted their careers full-time to one-on-one tutoring, bringing with them not just expertise but an undeniable passion for teaching. This commitment by each tutor ensures an effective blend of ACT/SAT math, ACT/SAT reading, and ACT/SAT writing materials while addressing the diverse academic needs of our students, from those racing ahead to those requiring a gentler, more patient touch.

Who do your Menlo Park tutors and counselors support?

What truly sets the AJ Tutoring Menlo Park team apart is our impeccable reputation among local high schools. Over the years, we’ve collaborated and achieved remarkable results with esteemed institutions such as Menlo-Atherton High School, Sacred Heart Prep, Menlo School, Lydian Academy, St. Francis High School, Castilleja School, and Woodside Priory School. When it comes to elevating SAT and ACT scores, our individualized test prep tutoring with seasoned professional tutors boasts a legacy of unparalleled success.

So, from foundational learning to crucial test preparations, college application guidance, and all the academic milestones in between, consider AJ Tutoring’s Menlo Park tutors to be your premier partners in education.

Meet our Menlo Park tutoring team

Menlo Park, CA tutors - ACT/SAT prep tutoring and College Counseling


Menlo Park Academic Tutoring Programs, ACT/SAT Test Prep & College Counseling Services

At AJ Tutoring, our Menlo Park tutors have helped over 9,800 students in Menlo Park excel in college admission tests like the ACT and SAT. But we don’t stop at test prep. We also offer academic tutoring in subjects such as Math, English, Spanish, and the Sciences, ensuring in-school success. Beyond that, we guide students through the complexities of college admission counseling, preparing them to tackle college application challenges.

Before crafting our private tutoring sessions, we connect with parents to gain essential insights about their students. This feedback empowers our Menlo Park tutoring team to pair each student with a Menlo Park academic or test prep tutor who is ideal for the student, ensuring a match that resonates with their learning style and targets their unique needs.

To discover the breadth of services our dedicated Menlo Park tutors provide, please explore our website. And for an in depth conversation about your student’s academic journey, feel free to contact us.

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Happy Menlo Park Tutoring parents and students.

 In all honestly, I was terrified of the SAT, but after my encounter with AJ, I now feel 100% confident in my test taking ability. 
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Our test prep, academic tutoring , and college admissions counseling professionals are here to help you navigate the test taking maze, share our experience with your local school, and inspire your student.

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