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Private test prep tutoring

We offer customized private test prep tutoring programs

  1. Content: The content on The SAT and ACT is predictable. We review the most important content so there are no surprises on test day.
  2. Strategy and Chunking: We give students a systematic strategy for each type of question that is designed to maximize what students can get right with what they know. Students can then start to think of the exam in smaller, more manageable blocks of time.
  3. Practice: We integrate content and test-taking strategies on free proctored full-length practice tests.
  4. Adjustments and More Practice
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As a parent, you want to do everything you can to help your student. What happens when they won’t listen? We’ve made it our mission to help connect with your student in a warm and charismatic way. We have been improving learning experiences across the Bay Area since 2003.



Private academic tutoring

We strive to move beyond “homework club” and instead aim to teach ahead of the class material.

Find Your Private Tutor

After discussing your student’s needs, a director matches your student with a professional private tutor.

The First Few Tutoring Sessions

In the initial academic tutoring sessions, the tutor talks with your student to determine his or her understanding of course content, study habits, learning style, and method of test preparation. The tutor will then work with your student on course material, teach study skills, and introduce more advanced material when appropriate.

Feedback and Adjustments

After the first few weeks of tutoring, we will contact you to discuss your student’s progress and make sure we are providing the right amount of support. We will let you know what your student needs help with and what your private tutor will be doing during the sessions to address those difficulties.  We welcome your feedback and strive to make sure each student’s academic tutoring program is the perfect fit!

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 Our tutoring programs are flexible - we respond to students' progress and make minute-by minute adjustments to make our private tutoring sessions personalized, efficient, and effective.  Meet our team

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