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Getting accepted to the college of your dreams doesn’t just require a strong performance on the SAT or ACT. It’s also important to craft a dynamic college application that showcases your strengths as an applicant and tells colleges who you are and what inspires you. The college application process is complex, requiring a carefully chosen list of colleges, interesting and well-edited personal statements and supplemental essays, solid recommendations from teachers, and demonstrated leadership outside of academic coursework.

Students and parents often find that they require assistance with some aspect of the college application process, from the first step of sorting through thousands of colleges to the last step of deciding where to attend and completing financial aid applications. While our tutors at AJ Tutoring are happy to assist with any aspect of SAT, ACT, and SAT subject test prep, as well as academic tutoring, we leave college application assistance to the pros – our trusted network of Bay Area college counselors.

Please consult our list of college counselors to find a local college counselor who can assist with your college application process. Just as with tutoring, finding the right fit in a college counselor is important, so we encourage you to reach out to several counselors to explore your options.

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Educational Psychologists/Other Resources

Students who have learning disabilities or learning differences may qualify for extended time on the SAT and ACT. Accommodations on the SAT and ACT for students with learning differences can include time and a half, double time, and other assistance with the tests. In order to receive extended time, students must provide the College Board and the ACT organization with documented evidence of learning differences or disabilities.

While AJ Tutoring does not test students for learning differences, we do refer to educational consultants and psychologists who provide that service. Educational consultants and psychologists can also assist with getting an IEP in place at school and can provide academic coaching and counseling for students who struggle with academic life and testing.

Please visit our list of Bay Area educational consultants and psychologists for assistance in beginning the process of testing for accommodations on the SAT and ACT.

Educational Consultants and Psychologists

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