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Do you know how to study?

We are committed not only to explaining difficult math concepts and offering feedback on essay drafts, but also to equipping our students with the study skills needed to thrive throughout their educational careers. While coaching study skills and test-taking techniques is always a component of our tutoring, we also teach students who need to learn to study independent of any one class.

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We make study skills relevant by teaching them in the context of your actual coursework.

When we work with a student specifically on study skills, we draw our material from that student’s own course load. We show students how to take clear, concise, and pertinent notes; devise study schedules for history and science, classes that greatly reward regular review; and break writing assignments into manageable stages. Because all of this happens in the context of the student’s own classes, it is both immediately relevant and of great value for the rest of the academic career.


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Get your study on!

 Working in study skills and test-taking techniques will benefit a student in every class for years to come. Our students don't have time to waste, so we focus not only on what to study but also on how to study. 
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Ever seen the last two minutes of the card game solitaire?

When the foundation is laid, all the cards can fall into place. We build educational foundations, teach study skills, and motivate our students. The learning that happens thereafter is no longer a chore.


Our transparent process is designed fit your family’s needs.

We customize our curriculum, listen to your concerns, and adapt our program to help you succeed.


Say hello to a better way to learn!

Our study skills tutoring helps you get the most out of your study time.


Learn to identify critical information and organize it into effective notes. Then apply these skills in different contexts, like studying a textbook or observing a classroom lecture.

Time Management

Discover how to schedule your time effectively and break down big tasks into manageable pieces. Identify the environmental factors that impact your study time.

Test Preparation

Let us help you create study guides, identify and assimilate key information, practice for testing situation, learn to manage test anxiety, and master techniques to catch and prevent errors.

Memorization and Practice

Develop the tools to study more effectively and assimilate more information. Learn about mnemonics, what “good” practice feels like, and how much studying is the right amount.

Generalization and Application

Increase your engagement with schoolwork by relating your course material to real life situations, using it in different contexts, and integrating multiple skills on complex tasks, such as problem-solving.

Habits of Mind

We help you focus on long-term success by teaching meta-cognition, critical thinking skills, and how to apply creativity to your academic undertakings.

Meet some of our study skills experts.


Daniel Pincus

Subjects tutored:

Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Chemistry, Study Skills, K-8

Offices Served:

Saratoga and Los Gatos (Highway 9)

“In my work, I have developed dynamic teaching techniques to accommodate different personalities and embraced the value of meeting each student on his or her own level.”

Michele Walker

Subjects tutored:

Academic Algebra 1, Academic Geometry, Academic Algebra 2, Academic Spanish, Academic Study Skills, K-8

Offices Served:


“I love getting to know students by forming trusting relationships and giving them individualized attention”


Jamie Nguy

Subjects tutored:

Algebra 1, Study Skills, K-8

Offices Served:

Saratoga, Los Gatos (Highway 9)

“I believe that true learning only ever exists in such an atmosphere. I love to impart my passion for constant learning and thinking to my students.”

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