Math Competitions

Students in grades 1-12 are invited to join us for the AMC and Math Kangaroo competitions!

Math competitions offered at AJ Tutoring

AMC 10/12

Offered in November each year to students in grades 12 and below

Students complete 25 multiple choice questions in 75 minutes

Only paper, pencil, ruler, and protractor allowed

Students who excel can qualify for the AIME in February

Core English Tutoring


Offered in January each year to students in grades 8 and below

Students complete 25 multiple choice questions in 40 minutes

Only paper, pencil, and ruler allowed

Math Kangaroo

Offered in March each year to students in grades 1-12

Students complete 24-30 multiple choice questions in 75 minutes (depending on grade level)

Only paper and pencil allowed



Preparing for the AMC or the Math Kangaroo competition is easy with a dedicated math expert!

Our math competition tutors are specially trained on the tips and tricks that help students excel on these exams. Students develop problem-solving skills quickly as they tackle some of the most puzzling math questions they’ve ever seen. Even our most reluctant math students discover that challenging math problems can be an adventure instead of a chore!

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Benefits of participation:

Improve problem-solving skills
Earn recognition for outstanding performance
Build test-taking skills
Experience the thrill of competition math

How do math competitions work at AJ Tutoring?

All competitions take place at our well-appointed Menlo Park office.

We keep our headcount low so that we can offer an excellent experience to all of our participants. All testing materials are provided (although students are encouraged to bring approved personal items from home). If you have any questions about the testing environment, please let us know!

Anyone can register — you don’t have to be a current AJ student!

We would love to support you in preparing for the AMC or Math Kangaroo competitions, but we are excited to see you no matter what! Current and former AJ students receive priority early registration, but all local students are invited to participate.

Registration is simple!

Contact us any time starting September 1st to register for this school year’s competition! We offer the AMC 8, 10, and 12 competitions at no charge, and all registrants will receive a certificate of participation for attending. Math Kangaroo competitors pay a small fee to participate, which includes a T-shirt and a gift as well as a certificate of participation.

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Math competitions happen throughout the school year, so many of our students participate in more than one!

The AMC 10 and AMC 12 both happen in early November. There are two options for each competition, each about a week apart, and students can register for one or both options. Score results are sent to the competition manager a few weeks after competitions end, and AIME qualifying scores are announced by early December.

Learn more about the AMC 10 and 12 competitions here!

The AMC 8 competition happens in mid-January. Unlike the AMC 10 and 12, the AMC 8 has only one option available each year (although the schedule is more flexible, with different centers offering it at different times over the course of one week in January). Score results are sent to the competition manager a few weeks after the comptition week ends. There is no AIME qualifier for the AMC 8, but there is the opportunity for recognition.

Learn more about the AMC 8 competition here!

The Math Kangaroo is held in mid-March. There is only one date, but multiple times offered for students who need some flexbility with scheduling. Score results are posted by the end of April and can be viewed by participants directly through the registration portal.

Learn more about the Math Kangaroo competition here!


Does your student thrive on competition?

Is your student great at math but feeling unchallenged at school? Is motivation a struggle without an impending deadline?  Let us engage your student in a meaningful learning endeavor and give you peace of mind.

Meet a few of our professional math competition experts:

Kenyon Colloran

Competitions tutored:

Math Kangaroo (Grades 1-8), AMC 8

Offices served:

Woodside, San Carlos

What I love about tutoring math:

“I love working with students and tailoring my explanations to find the methods that resonate with them, clarify their points of confusion, and help them grasp the concepts they’re studying.”

Jessica Embrey

Competitions tutored:

Math Kangaroo (Grades 1-10), AMC 8 & 10

Offices served:

Los Gatos

What I love about tutoring math:

“I enjoy finding the right balance between caring for and challenging my students so that at the end of our sessions their confidence is high.”

Andrew Wu

Competitions tutored:

Math Kangaroo (Grades 7-12), AMC 8, 10, & 12

Offices served:

Mountain View

What I love about tutoring math:

“I love explaining practical applications of math and science and often draw anecdotes from my experience as an engineer in college and in the real world.”

Let's discuss your student's math competition tutoring needs!

Our math competition professionals are here to help you ace your AMC math test or Math Kangaroo exam.

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