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Digital SAT practice tests and tutoring

In March 2024, the SAT went digital! At AJ Tutoring, our digital SAT test prep tutors are here to help you prepare for the new Digital SAT. Our Digital SAT tutoring program is designed to maximize your performance on the Digital SAT exam. In addition to SAT test prep tutoring for the digital exam, we now offer free, computer-adaptive Digital SAT practice tests at our Bay Area tutoring centers and online.

Now available for students who:

  • are looking to learn more about the Digital SAT
  • want to learn how to perform better on the Digital SAT exam
  • are looking to boost their chances of getting into selective colleges

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Digital SAT Vs. Paper SAT Comparison

Infographic comparing Digital SAT to Paper SAT for AJ Tutoring a company who does test prep tutoring

Important Information about the Digital SAT

The Digital SAT is easier to take than the Pen and Paper SAT:

More time per question

Student taking the Digital SAT have more time per question, which better aligns with testing in school

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FAQs Computer Adaptive Digital SAT: Everything you need to know

What's changing with the new Digital SAT?

The Digital SAT will cover the same content as the current paper test but will:

  • be shorter — 2 hours 14 mins
  • contain fewer types of sections: two (2) Reading & Writing sections and two (2) Math sections
  • allow for the use of a calculator on all Math sections
  • provide a short passage for each Reading & Writing question
  • be computer adaptive – everyone will take the same first Reading & Writing and Math sections, but, depending on your performance, you will get an appropriately leveled second section for Reading & Writing and Math.

What is the format of the Digital SAT Test?

  • Reading & Writing 
    • 2 sections (or “modules”), 32 minutes each, 27 questions each
    • Passages are 25-150 words
    • All questions are multiple choice (4 answers each)
    • Each question addresses a separate passage (25-150 words) and/or graph/table, i.e. one question per passage
  • Math 
    • 2 sections (or “modules”), 35 minutes each, 27 questions each
    • 75% 4-answer multiple choice, 25% free response
    • Calculator allowed throughout
    • Questions are in order of difficulty
  • Order of sections
    • 2 Reading/Writing modules back-to-back (timed separately)
    • 10 minute break
    • 2 Math modules back-to-back (timed separately)
  • Adaptive nature
    • 1st module of each Reading/Writing and Math section will be mixed difficulty
    • 2nd module will be one of two options based on performance on first module
  • Scoring
    • Reading/Writing and Math are each scored from 200-800 points
    • No cross-test scores or subscores
    • No guessing penalty for wrong answers

What content is on the Digital SAT test?


  • “Craft and Structure” (13-15 questions)
    • Words in context
    • Text structure/purpose
    • Cross-text connections
  • “Information and Ideas” (12-14 questions)
    • Central ideas
    • Command of evidence
    • Inferences
  • “Standard English Conventions” (11-15 questions)
    • Sentence structure
    • Grammar
    • Punctuation
  • “Expression of Ideas” (8-12 questions)
    • Rhetorical synthesis
    • Transitions


  • Algebra (13-15 questions)
    • Linear equations/functions
    • Systems of linear equations
    • Linear inequalities
  • Advanced math (13-15 questions)
    • Equivalent expressions
    • Nonlinear equations and systems of equations
  • Problem-solving and data analysis (5-7 questions)
    • Ratios & proportions
    • Percents
    • Distributions and measures of center & spread
    • Inference from sample statistics and margin of error
    • Evaluation of statistical claims (studies and experiments)
    • Scatterplots
    • Probability
  • Geometry and trigonometry (5-7 questions)
    • Area and volume
    • Angles & triangles
    • Trigonometry (right triangles)
    • Circles

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