SAT-ACT hybrid program

Make the most of your prep.

Take both the SAT and ACT to develop the strongest testing profile possible.

Showcase What You Know

Colleges accept both the SAT and the ACT, and sending your best score can only help your application.


Are You in the 20 Percent?

Though most students perform nearly identically on both tests, 20% of students see a dramatic difference in their SAT and ACT scores.


You’ve Already Done the Work

Much of the content on the SAT transfers to the ACT, and vice versa. Use just a few additional sessions and practice tests to see if the other test is a better fit.



Take advantage of your own hard work. With just a few sessions, you could be ready for a new test.

The content tested on the SAT and ACT is almost identical. Most students take both tests, the SAT followed by the ACT, and our SAT/ACT hybrid program is the most efficient and effective way to comprehensively prepare for both exams.

Once students complete our comprehensive SAT tutoring program, we begin a three- or four-session ACT hybrid preparation. The ACT hybrid course takes the content students mastered in their SAT preparation and teaches them how to apply it on the ACT.

The primary goals of ACT hybrid tutoring are:

  • to learn how to approach the ACT Science section, for which there is no equivalent on the SAT
  • to adjust to the accelerated timing of the ACT
  • to get students comfortable with the geometry and advanced math on the ACT
  • to hone ACT test-taking best practice on full-length proctored practice tests that are reviewed in detail in tutoring sessions

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Let us help determine which test is the best fit for you!

All four-year colleges accept both the SAT and ACT, and the vast majority of colleges do not have a preference as to which test students should take. Therefore, you should take the test on which you’re likely to perform better.

While it’s often true that students who enjoy puzzles and logic games prefer the SAT and literal thinkers prefer the ACT, it can be hard to predict which test will be a better fit. Let us help you get your highest score on the test that highlights your abilities.

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Meet a few of our professional SAT/ACT Hybrid Prep tutors!

Axel Amzallag

SAT and ACT Tutor

“My favorite part of tutoring the SAT and ACT is watching students’ confidence build throughout the preparation; the test becomes more and more manageable rather than a 4-hour behemoth that they must overcome.

Patrick Keenan

SAT and ACT Tutor

“I have found that being a successful tutor requires intimate knowledge of the material, such that it can be presented in many different ways. What makes intuitive sense to one student might not be the best explanation for another student.”

Gregory Edwards

SAT and ACT Tutor

“The SAT and the ACT are both highly predictable tests, and in my professional experience I have found that reviewing basic content and teaching powerful test-taking techniques makes these exams far more manageable.”

We help people engage with material, get excited about ideas, and build the tools necessary to thrive in a competitive school system.

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