Elementary and Middle School Tutoring (K-8)

Early educational foundations lead to life-long learning

Our K-8 tutoring programs instill confidence, foster a love of learning, and help students build strong foundational skills to carry them through their academic careers.

Beyond Homework

Our unique tutoring program goes beyond homework help: we aim to inspire and engage students, while also improving grades and study skills in the process.


Want your child to work ahead, or pursue an academic interest? We offer enrichment tutoring to go above and beyond their school coursework.

Long-Term Success

We are invested in your child long-term. Most team members are full-time and have been with us for years


We are a team of professional educators who are passionate about we teach and are thoroughly trained.


We will connect you with a tutor that is the best fit for your child to provide one-on-one, consistent support.


Multi-Subject Elementary and Middle School Tutoring Specialists

Elementary and middle school subjects often have skills that overlap. For example, success in sixth grade science can depend on accurately reading the text and learning how to write scientifically. Consequently, many K-8 students benefit from multi-subject tutoring to build this foundational reading comprehension, writing, and math skills, while other students prefer to focus on a particular subject.

Elementary and Middle School Subjects We Tutor

English Language Arts

Our professional tutors help your student learn to read actively to maximize comprehension and building lifelong writing skills.


It’s important to build strong math skills early! Our tailored math tutoring helps students catch up, stay current, and expand their knowledge all while maintaining strong foundations.


Science is often heavy on application and writing. From writing a lab report to learning about gravity, we can show your student how fun science can be, and actively engage them in the learning process!

Social Studies

With so much memorization and long, often complex texts, social studies can feel overwhelming. Our tutors help build key skills and teach students to successfully navigate social studies coursework.

Other Subjects

Study Skills



Creative Writing

And many more!


Building Study Skills

We know that building study skills and organizational habits are just as important as teaching content. We integrate study skills in all of our sessions to build note-taking skills, work on time management, make study plans and much more!


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What does a session look like?

We typically meet with K-8 students for weekly, hour-long sessions. In those sessions, we assess how the student did on their homework, if applicable, and work to teach the next relevant topic. We weave in study skills to all of our sessions and adapt our teaching pace to each student’s learning style.

What curriculum do you use?

Curriculum across different schools for elementary and middle school students can vary widely. We base what we teach on the common core standards. We work to identify gaps from the previous year’s standards, work ahead on their current year’s curriculum, and then begin to preview the following year’s topics. We use a wide variety of both online educational resources for materials, as well as the Spectrum workbooks and common textbooks.

Can you assign them homework?

Absolutely! You might prefer that we assign your child homework, so that they can practice the new skills they are learning, or you might prefer that they focus on their school work and extracurricular activities. We can adjust the homework expectations based on your child’s educational needs.

Do you offer assessments?

We do not offer formal, written assessments for K-8 Academic students. We find that they often assess test-taking abilities over content. Due to the close nature of one-on-one tutoring, we are able to assess their skill level on an ongoing basis through their session work, their homework, and through their performance in the relevant class.


Are you looking for admission test preparation for your elementary or middle school student?

The right preparation can set your student up for test-taking success for years to come.

In addition to working toward a great score, preparing for the ISEE, HSPT, or SSAT is a way to boost confidence, gain foundations in test-taking strategies, and learn valuable skills. It is also an opportunity to pinpoint and remedy content or test taking gaps before your student heads into middle school or high school. After passing an initial assessment test, all AJ tutors complete a rigorous 50-hour training program. We offer complementary proctored practice exams for all of our test prep students.

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