Our Core Purpose

To cultivate a passion for lifelong learning in the communities we serve by giving our clients and team members access to the information and tools necessary to enrich their lives.

We seek to instill in our clients the same values that we strive to foster in our company: an uncompromising commitment to excellence, a deep and abiding interest in the life of the mind, and the conviction that extraordinary education will maximize our students’ and team members’ personal and intellectual growth.


Our Core Values


We believe in an uncompromising commitment to excellence in all aspects of our service. Our focus on preparedness, dependability, and attention to detail allows us to deliver a professional service that is unmatched in our field. We hold ourselves to a high standard of integrity in our interactions with our colleagues, clients, and community. We are consistent in our ideals and holistic in our approach. Every team member is committed to extensive training and maintains a high level of expertise in his or her field. Leading by example, we endeavor to inspire this same level of excellence in others.


We strive to cultivate an enduring intellectual curiosity that transcends any particular subject matter, exam, or class. We want our students and team members to gain the rewards that come from pursuing knowledge for its own sake. As our students become independent critical thinkers, we guide them toward an understanding of how to learn so that they may confidently chart their own paths of lifelong learning. We also believe that the promotion of learning is a powerful means of improving the world. Active and curious learners perceive connections among diverse modes of thought, and doing so builds empathy and brings communities together around shared goals. By placing ourselves at the center of learning, we learn from our students and from each other to elevate our craft.



By creating a collaborative community of passionate educators, we enrich our broader communities. Team members interact professionally and socially to create a network of knowledge and experience and an atmosphere of conviviality. Open communication among team members encourages a sense of belonging in the company. We extend our collaborative philosophy to our students and their families as we cooperatively work together toward common goals. We value the well-being of our neighbors and local institutions, and so we proactively seek to do good in the communities beyond our walls. The connections we forge with other team members, our students and their families, and our local communities make us better than we would be as solo practitioners.



We believe that a commitment to personal and professional growth is intrinsic to our success. Our company grows by providing high-quality service that conduces to our students’ intellectual and personal development. We strive to grow as team members through education, training, and open communication. In these ways, we maximize our impact on the communities with which we interact.



We are passionate about helping students reach their full potential, and we are dedicated to providing parents with a better understanding of educational options. Leveraging extensive knowledge and thorough preparation, we offer proven methods that combine structure and customization to meet our clients’ unique challenges and goals. Our commitment to serving our students extends beyond their sessions. We build support systems that integrate parents into the learning process by communicating, in a timely and professional manner, information relevant to each student’s educational path. Our dedication to high quality service also enables us to give back to the broader communities with which we interact. Our service extends to all those with whom we interact including our team members, students, their families and the local communities we serve.

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