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High School and College Test Prep Services

Preparing for high school standardized tests and college placement tests can be intimidating.  A test prep tutor can help improve your score! For example, our tutors will help you break down your ACT practice test, imparting math, reading comprehension, science, history, and writing concepts while also teaching test-taking strategies so you are ready on exam day!


Grad School Test Prep (GRE, GMAT, and LSAT)

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Our test prep tutoring method works!


Personal Connection

Because our tutors are experts on all sections of the test, you’ll work with just one professional test prep tutor to prepare.


Test Prep Materials

Our proprietary test prep curriculum is based on official, released tests, so you will work through practice questions that closely model the real test.


Free Practice Tests

You will take several full-length, timed practice tests to build confidence for test day.  Once results are evaluated for tests, like the ACT Practice test, your tutor can then customize the best test prep plan for you.


“AJ’s tutoring team is positive and truly buys into helping their students succeed. The available proctored practice tests and ample practice are also great.”


— Chris S., Junipero Serra High School, Test Prep Tutoring Student, Grade 12

Parents love our test prep tutoring service!

 In an educational climate of increasing 'standardization,' in which one size supposedly fits all, what a relief to have a tutor that sees your child for her unique strengths, challenges, and potential for growth.  Learn about AJ Tutoring's process

Find your testing zen!

Test anxiety is common on the SAT, ACT and ISEE, but fortunately they are predictable high school placement tests. We work together to create a test prep plan with SAT and ACT practice questions so that your student knows exactly what to do on any given section — reducing stress.

Meet a few of our test prep tutoring pros.

Chelsea Laird

Chelsea Greene (Regional Director)

Subjects tutored: SAT test prep, ACT test prep

Offices served: Palo Alto

What I love about tutoring: “Helping students in need is one of the biggest drivers of my teaching. I am able not only to influence my students’ grades and scores but also to improve their peace of mind and confidence.”


Derrick Okubo (Test Prep and Academic Tutor)

Subjects tutored: Algebra, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, AP Calculus test prep

Offices served: Lafayette and Palo Alto

What I love about tutoring: “There is no math problem too large or too small. With patience and step-by-step explanations, we can conquer all the math problems of the world!” 


Julian Simington (Test Prep and Academic tutor, AP Statistics Department Head)

Subjects tutored: AP Calculus BC test prep, AP Statistics test prep

Offices served: Palo Alto

What I love about tutoring: “Students often view learning how to take a test as a tedious experience, but I strive to show my students that test taking is a skill with major real life applicaions.”

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AJ Tutoring will match your student with an experienced test prep tutor, provide SAT and ACT practice questions or college placement test prep services to help your student succeed. Let's discuss your student's test prep tutoring needs.

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