Science tutoring

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From motion and forces to electricity and magnetism, we’ve got you covered.

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From Darwin to DNA, our Biology experts are here to help.

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Stoichiometry, Acids, Bases, Moles, and Atoms, demystified.

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Environmental Science

Habitats, hazardous waste, and watersheds made easy.

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Computer Science

From intro to AP Comp. Sci., our JAVA, C++, HTML experts are  ready to help.

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Our highly trained 1-on-1 science tutors are here to help.

Science classes can be challenging. Our professional science tutors break down complex concepts, teach study skills, and instill confidence.

We get students to deeply understand the material so that they can succeed on difficult tests.

Once students are caught up, we teach ahead of the class so that the teacher’s instruction is review.


Learn how you can benefit from our science program

A great science tutor can make all the difference!

Even if your student has a difficult teacher, lacks the study skills to exceed in a demanding class, or is stretched too thin by the number of activities on her plate, we can provide support and help make learning fun. A great one-on-one tutor can make all the difference. We support our tutors with hours of training, share our experience about your local school system, and are passionate about the subjects we teach.

How academic tutoring works


Talk with a Director

One of our directors talks with you in depth to learn about your student’s strengths and challenges in her science class.


Regular Weekly Sessions

We connect you with a professional, experienced science tutor who will meet with your student regularly (usually once per week).


Feedback and Adjustments

We’ll touch base with you after the first few sessions to see how things are going and pass along valuable feedback from your student’s tutor.


Our approach to science tutoring.

Identify and Fill in Content Gaps

At the beginning of the tutoring, we gather feedback and identify gaps in content understanding. By filling in content gaps, we help students thrive on their current coursework.

Make Science Come Alive

We share our passion for science and connect course material to real life examples.

Build in Study Skills

We teach time management, organization, and note-taking, which helps students to build confidence not only in their present science courses, but also in the rest of their academic endeavors.

Learn more about our tutoring process

Our science tutors are local.

 I often have multiple students from the same class and teacher, and can alter my lessons to best complement the teacher's curriculum, teaching style, and tests. 
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Meet a few of our science tutors


Jared Cacho

Subjects Tutored: 

AP Physics, Physics, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus

Offices Served:

San Carlos, San Mateo, In-Home

GRE Tutor AJ Tutoring

Robert Jonas

Subjects Tutored: 

AP Chemistry, Chemistry, SAT, ACT, GRE

Offices Served:

Palo Alto

Kaitlin Coyle

Subjects Tutored: 

Academic Physics, Academic Biology, AP Physics 1, AP Physics 2, AP Physics C, AP Biology, SAT Subject Biology E/M, SAT Subject Physics

Offices Served:


Are you struggling to keep up with your science course?

Our tutors are trained not only on the content, but also on different learning styles. We personalize our approach to meet your needs.

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