Test prep timelines

With retakes and multiple testing options, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. Over the last 13 years we've discovered what works for local students. We're happy to help you find your optimal testing schedule.


The AJ testing philosophy

We’re here to be your test prep concierge.

At AJ Tutoring, we believe that there is no one right testing schedule. There are some schedules that make sense and some that don’t. We would be happy to help your family navigate this difficult process.

We believe in creating a test prep plan, preparing for exams, and making mid-course adjustments when necessary.

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SAT testing plan


Complete a full round of testing by the end of junior year

As a general rule, all students should take the PSAT in October of the junior year and complete a full round of testing by the end of their junior year. A full round of testing would include the SAT, AP exams, and possibly the ACT exam. Students can retake any test in October, November, or December of the senior year.

Free proctored exams

After creating a testing plan to fit your needs and supporting you with the best tutoring, we offer free proctored practice exams for our current students at our testing locations to model the test experience for our students.

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SAT and ACT testing plans that make sense


The Minimalist Approach

(for students who want to prepare for college, but choose to focus more on academics and extracurricular activities):

Junior year

  • PSAT in October → SAT in March, May, or June

Senior year

  • Retake SAT in October (depending on results)


The Standard Approach

(for most students):

Junior year

  • PSAT in October → SAT in March, or May → ACT in April or June → AP exams in May

Senior year

  • Retake SAT in August or October, or ACT in September depending on previous results


The Intense Approach

(for ambitious students and aspiring college athletes):

Junior Year

  • PSAT in October → SAT in ​December and/or March → ACT in April → AP exams in May → Retake SAT or ACT in June

Senior year

  • Retake SAT in​ August or October​,​ or ACT in September depending on previous results

We can help you create a personalized testing plan

Advice from our co-founder

 AJ Tutoring recommends trying both the SAT and ACT junior year and then focusing on the test that is a better fit as a senior. 
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