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We meet with students for eight, nine, or ten weekly sessions, each lasting 90 minutes. As homework, we assign students a mix of full-length practice tests and 90-minute assignments.


Course Content

We cover test-taking skills and GRE content, including question interpretation, strategies for navigating the computer interface, time management, reading comprehension, quantitative comparison techniques, and essay writing.



We use our own proprietary materials that are updated annually to reflect the current content and best strategies on the test.

GRE test summary

Computer-based GRE revised general test

Test Overview
4 sections, 3 hours 45 minutes
Total Score: 130-170 (Verbal Reasoning); 130-170 (Quantitative Reasoning); 0-6 (Analytical Writing)
Critical Reading (130-170 score) Math (130-170 score) Writing (0-6 score)
2 sections, 60 minutes 2 sections, 70 minutes 2 tasks, 60 minutes
20 Sentence Completions
20 Reading Comprehension
16 Quantitative Comparison
3 Grid-Ins
6 Data Analysis Questions
15 Multiple-Choice
1 Analyze-an-Issue Essay
1 Analyze-an-Argument Essay
Unscored/Research section: number of questions and allotted time vary

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Learn more about the GRE

The most widely accepted test for graduate school admissions, the GRE is owned, published, and developed by Educational Testing Services, a non-profit organization. ETS claims that GRE scores, when combined with a student’s college grades, can determine that student’s readiness for graduate school better than grades alone. ETS revised the GRE in 2011 to make the computer interface more user-friendly and to design questions that better simulate the kind of critical thinking that graduate students are expected to do in their programs. The computer-based revised GRE is offered on a continuous basis at testing centers throughout the United States. A paper-based GRE is offered at select locations abroad.



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What's on the GRE?

The GRE is a 3 hour 45 minute test that has three subjects:

  • Verbal Reasoning—The verbal reasoning section examines students’ abilities to interpret written material and to analyze relationships between parts of sentences.
  • Quantitative Reasoning—The quantitative reasoning section tests students’ problem-solving skills, focusing on basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and data analysis.
  • Analytical Writing— The analytical writing section measures students’ abilities to effectively communicate and support complex ideas.
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We founded AJ Tutoring with an understanding of the time constraints on modern students, leading us to develop a highly efficient and customized approach to improving a student’s GRE score. Our approach allows each student to build confidence in his or her unique trouble spots, increasing the chances of spectacular improvement in a short period of time. While most GRE services require a student to work with part-time tutors for 20-40 hours, AJ Tutoring matches a student with one professional tutor for 12-15 hours of customized preparation.



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