K-8 Spring Writing Contest!

Announcing our Winners!



Congratulations to our 2023 writing contest winners! Check out their stories below:

PreK-2nd grade

1st place: Anya S., Dippel the Diplodocus

2nd place: Charlie M., Prison Gabriel

3rd place: Kavi S., Dinosaur Story

3rd-5th grade

1st place: Nathaniel C., A Hole in the Shadows

2nd place: Alice B., The Golden Banana

3rd place: Ingrid W., Maddie’s Colorful Adventure

6th-8th grade

1st place: Aarush R., untitled

2nd place: Anna B., The New Kid

3rd place: Aaron E., Teachers Disguised: A New World

Thank you to all of our participants! See you next spring!

Here are the 2023 1st place winners!

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