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Alexandra Wells

Tutor and Woodside Tutoring Center Director

A welcome from the director of AJ Tutoring's Woodside tutoring center

At AJ Tutoring’s Woodside tutoring center, we pride ourselves on offering a holistic approach to student success. Our three core services – test prep tutoring, academic tutoring, and college counseling – are designed to ensure students excel academically and are well-prepared for their future endeavors.

Understanding the pivotal role of SAT and ACT scores in college admissions, we’ve crafted specialized strategies for effective test preparation. With a legacy of assisting over 45,000 Bay Area students, our emphasis isn’t solely on academic excellence. We also cultivate a nurturing environment to enhance student confidence.

Our dedicated Woodside tutors excel in delivering customized tutoring sessions, targeting individual challenges to elevate test performance. We uphold a commitment to clear communication with parents, keeping you  informed about your child’s growth.

In addition to test preparation, our academic tutoring encompasses diverse subjects like English, math, sciences, history, computer science, and various languages. Our expertise ensures students receive targeted, constructive support. To further complement our services, we offer college counseling, demystifying and simplifying the college application process.

Discover the AJ Tutoring difference. Reach out to see how our Woodside tutors can cater to your child’s unique educational journey.

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Woodside tutoring center - SAT prep, academic tutoring, and college counseling

At AJ Tutoring, our team of dedicated Woodside tutors understands the crucial role of SAT and ACT scores in college admissions. Drawing from our extensive experience of assisting over 45,000 Bay Area students, our Woodside tutors have refined strategies specifically for SAT and ACT preparations. The emphasis isn’t just on test readiness; we believe that providing a nurturing environment is key to achieving genuine learning outcomes.

Our commitment has been evident in the consistent academic advancements of students from local high schools. We’re proud of our standing and association with Woodside High School, Menlo-Atherton High School, Sequoia High School, and Sacred Heart Preparatory. These partnerships make us one of the most sought-after Woodside tutors for test prep and academic guidance.

Beyond standardized tests, our Woodside tutors support students in a broad spectrum of subjects, ensuring daily academic excellence. With our well-rounded approach, we’ve also incorporated college counseling services, catering to the intricacies of the college application process.

Reach out to AJ Tutoring, and discover how our Woodside tutors can holistically support your child’s educational aspirations.

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Happy Woodside students.

 My tutor could relate to what I like and use those in examples to help me understand. All the practice tests and drills were very useful and definitely helped me learn new material about how to take the SAT. 
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