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Navigating the Digital Dilemma: Balancing Technology and Education in the Smartphone Era

In an age where digital devices are ubiquitous, the traditional classroom faces a formidable challenge: maintaining the relevance and effectiveness of education amidst the constant buzz of smartphones and social media. This digital dilemma is not just a minor distraction; it's reshaping the way ... Read More


Effective Reading and Note-Taking Strategies for History Class!

The 6th century CE historian Gregory of Tours opened his great work of history Decem Libri Historiarum (The Ten Books of History), with the line “A great many things keep happening, some good, some bad,” and I think this encompasses very much the trials and tribulations of note taking and ... Read More


Maximizing Potential: Students Triumph on the Digital PSAT with AJ Tutoring’s Support

This past fall, the Digital PSAT was offered for the first time, introducing a new era in standardized testing. As students begin preparing for this dramatic change to the SAT, AJ Tutoring has been closely monitoring the transition to the Digital SAT and supporting our students through the ... Read More


Math Competition Coaching: A Guide for High School Students

Introduction to Math Competition Coaching Math competitions can be daunting, but with the right strategies and guidance from skilled math competition tutors and coaches, you can excel. Whether you're a high school student just starting or an experienced competitor, this guide outlines key ... Read More

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