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La Dénomination de la Réalité: part 4

We will explore names and reality in mathematics and science. Roman numbering systems are good for bartering and trade, but only the adoption of the Arabic number system with its number zero allowed the birth of modern mathematics. Zero is the neutral element of addition and subtraction and ... Read More


La Dénomination de la Réalité: Part 3

On the other side, other cultures very much understate everything. Northern cultures are very renowned for that, along with cultures with a highly coded language. In Swiss “that hasn’t been too bad” is definitely a very hard earned compliment. It’s meant in a way, that there is really ... Read More


La Dénomination de la Réalité: Part 2

The concept of friend is vastly different in different cultures. In English, it’s used for anything south of acquaintance, whereas in German and French there are several levels of friendship. A friend (“freund” or “ami”) is somebody you know for many years and have a very deep ... Read More


La Dénomination de la Réalité: Part 1

The French expression “la dénomination de la réalité” means “the process of giving names to reality”. It strongly implies a notion of what slice of reality I choose to give a name to. Expressed in other words it hints to the categorization implied. That can differ a lot between ... Read More

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