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What About My Middle Schooler?

We get calls from concerned parents every day asking about their elementary and middle school students. Whether it's questions about math, private school entrance exams, writing skills, or reading comprehension, one of our expert team members is standing by to help guide your students through the ... Read More


Here Comes the SAT!

On Saturday, March 11th, students will once again be sitting down with their Number 2 pencils ready to take a giant leap towards their future. A future that a competitive SAT score will afford them. A future with more options rather than fewer, and the knowledge that they took that tangible and ... Read More


For Your Consideration…Foreign Languages!

One of the greatest A-G requirements that high school students can experience is taking a foreign language. In these classes, your student isn’t just learning how to communicate in a new way. They are learning about a culture outside of their own, exploring rich new histories, utilizing ... Read More


When Should My Student Think About College?

The biggest and most loaded question for parents today is when to start thinking about college! Is middle school the right time? Should they wait until junior year? What is the best course to take? We have been supporting Bay Area families for well over a decade and have broken it down into some ... Read More

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