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How academic English tutoring works


Tell Us Your Needs

One of our directors will speak with your family in depth to learn more about your strengths, challenges, and goals in English.


Meet Your English Tutor

We connect you with a professional, experienced English or literature tutor for regular sessions. We recommend weekly tutoring.


Give and Receive Feedback

We’ll touch base with you after the first few sessions to hear your thoughts and share our insights.


We’re an educational community that works as a team.

A Community Approach

We share best practices and knowledge of our community’s curricula at regular department meetings. Each tutor participates in our mentoring program and attends weekly check-ins with a team leader.

Investment in Our Tutors

We set the bar high for our tutors, finding the best and most passionate teachers and then training them to be even better.

Beyond Content Help

Our tutors are trained not only in content, but also in different learning styles and successful integration of study skills.

Become part of our community

Great English tutoring means building skills for the future.

Our English tutors help you build skills that will not only pay off in your current courses but also will help you succeed in college


We approach writing instruction holistically, from grammar and syntax basics to sentence, paragraph, and essay structure.



You need to understand what you’re reading. Let us help you develop close reading strategies, practice skimming and scanning, and identify persuasive techniques.


We teach you to analyze deeply what you have read and to understand how an author uses literary devices to advance an argument.


We help you put what you are reading into a broader historical movement and context, enhancing your understanding of literature.

Study Skills

We teach you studying strategies and help you manage your time to maximize your performance on tests and essays.


We foster independence of thought. Our goal is to make ourselves obsolete by helping you become an autonomous learner.

Parents love us.

 The tutors who have worked with Duncan these past few years have helped him in so many ways, from better grades to the less-tangible outcomes of higher confidence, more effective study skills, and creative to-do lists. He is now applying to college and I can honestly say that his college list would look different if he had not worked very hard with his AJ tutors.  Read what other are saying

Food for thought

Like a bland food, a poor education lacks flavor. And like a chef adds sparkle to her food with a dash of oregano or a hint of coriander, we’ll help turn your education into an exciting experience by bringing in creative examples, real world knowledge, and connections to core learning principles.

Let’s add spice to your education

We know English!

Your tutor will first address any content gaps by building foundational reading and writing skills. As your confidence grows, we’ll make sure that you’re fully prepared for essays and upcoming tests by teaching material in a way that you understand: talking through the themes in a work, diagramming sentences on the whiteboard, or maybe writing out step-by-step instructions for approaching an upcoming essay. We draw on our deep knowledge of the local schools, anticipating upcoming topics in your class and pre-teaching them so you’re always one step ahead.


Types of English tutoring:

Regular and Honors high school English
Elementary and middle school English
Essay writing
Reading comprehension
Grammar and syntax
AP Literature
AP Language
and more...

Meet a few of our professional English tutors.


Catherine Stiles

Subjects tutored:

English, K-8, AP English Language and Composition, English Literature and Composition

Offices Served:

Los Gatos (Los Gatos Blvd) and Saratoga

“I realized that the 1-on-1 learning atmosphere was crucial for honing in on the unique learning styles of each student and assuring that each session was crafted to his or her best benefit.”

Asia Raab

Subjects tutored:

SAT, ACT, PSAT, English, SAT Subject Literature, SAT Subject Math2, Academic K-8, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition

Offices Served:

Los Altos (San Antonio)

“As an educator, I believe all students can attain high levels of success. I hope my instruction begins a life-long love of learning for those I teach. It is my mission to empower my students with the tools they will need to be successful once our sessions are complete.”


Jacob Schott

Subjects tutored:

English, French, AP English Language and Composition, AP English Literature and Composition

Offices Served:

Menlo Park, Woodside and Online

“I have used my expertise in language, literature, and history to engage and delight students, no matter what the discipline.”

Are you struggling with reading a difficult text or organizing your first research paper?

Our English tutors are experts at guiding students through such challenges.

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