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Expert one-on-one SAT tutoring that provides a competitive edge.

Our one-on-one SAT program is the most efficient and effective way to improve your SAT score. Simply put, our talented team delivers results! AJ Tutoring’s proven, personalized approach is as unique as each student. With analysis of individual learning styles, we tailor coursework, customize our SAT prep program, and motivate our students.


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Our phenomenal tutoring program allows more positive interactions between student and parent. As the parent, achieve peace of mind knowing you’re doing everything in your power to support your student’s intellectual growth. As the student, feel confident that you’re taking your score to the next level.

How one-on-one tutoring works

In a tutoring session, because you’re the only student in the class, we can focus your needs.


Session Structure:

We meet with you for ten weekly sessions, each lasting 90 minutes. For homework, we assign a mix of full-length practice tests and 90 minute assignments.


Course Content:

We cover test-taking skills and SAT content, including; question interpretation, guessing strategy, time management, algebra concepts, geometric reasoning, reading comprehension, grammar, and essay writing.



Our SAT materials reflect the current content and best strategies on the test. You’ll benefit from an efficient and effective approach made possible by materials that focus on the most important content and testing strategies. 


80% of AJ Tutoring’s students improve at least 100 points on the SAT.


“Our tutors are not only masters of English and math, but also gifted teachers who customize their approach to fit each student’s unique learning style, pace, and demeanor.”

–  Aaron Andrikopoulos, Co-Founder of AJ Tutoring



Improve your score faster.

We founded AJ Tutoring with an understanding of the time constraints modern students face, and we have developed a highly efficient and customized approach to improving an SAT score. Our approach allows you to build confidence in your unique trouble spots, increasing the chances of spectacular improvement in a short period of time. While most SAT services require students to work with two part-time tutors for 20 to 40 hours, AJ Tutoring matches you with one professional tutor for 12 to 15 hours of customized preparation.

SAT prep is not a silver bullet.

The more energy you put into your preparation, the more you will get out of it. We motivate our students by making a personal connection, adjusting our approach to meet their needs, and helping them make connections between what they are studying and the world around them.

Meet a few of our professional SAT tutors!


Pat Hennes

North Peninsula Regional Director

Subjects tutored:


Offices Served:

Menlo Park

“I take great pride in getting to know all of my students personally, identifying the best approach for each student to ensure I bring out the student’s absolute best. Naturally warm and gregarious, I provide a supportive and comfortable environment for students to build confidence.”


Jessica Embrey

Academic Director

Subjects tutored:


Offices Served:

Los Gatos (Highway 9)

“The SAT is one of my favorite tests to teach. Helping students achieve their highest potential on this test is tremendously rewarding, and the strategies we offer at AJ Tutoring are some of the most powerful I’ve seen.”

karen circle edit

Karen Warwick

South Bay Regional Director

Subjects tutored:


Offices Served:

San Jose

“I love the one-on-one connection of tutoring, and live for the ‘a-ha’ moments when students realize they can accomplish their goals. I strive to impart not just test-taking skills, but also life skills and a passion for studies.”

Education is not one-size-fits-all.

Our SAT test prep experts tailor their approach to meet your needs.

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