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AJ Tutoring’s individualized approach to test prep and academic tutoring with Bay Area’s top tutors gets results! In the past year, 80% of our SAT students have increased their score by 150 points or more. Many students also report that their math, reading, and writing skills (not only their test taking skills) improve well into their college years.

Find out why parents and students choose AJ Tutoring for the best tutoring services and top tutors in the Bay Area.

 AJ Tutoring was really helpful in preparing for the SAT in a short amount of time. It's not overkill like some SAT classes. 

Lauren S.

Monte Vista High School


 My tutor's expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment helped me not only improve upon my already obtained skills, but also learn new ones. 

Stephen C.

12th grade, Sacred Heart Preparatory Academy


 AJ tutoring has helped me prepare for tests all year and take the stress out of the work. Also, all the tutors I have worked with have been extremely helpful and friendly. 

Christina B.

Burlingame High School


 Two children have used a combination of three AJ tutors - all with great success!! Very likable, and clear results. 

Darlyn S.

St. Ignatius College Preparatory parent


 Ryan had the perfect temperament and style for my son. I felt that my son respected Ryan and applied himself for his sake as well as not wanting to disappoint Ryan. The rapport was very important to me and Ryan fit the slot perfectly. 

Burlingame High School parent


 Our son has had a great experience working with David. The skills David has taught him will help him throughout his academic career, long after the SAT is over. 

Jeanne T.K.

Valley Christian High School parent


 It was extremely helpful and I learned so many new skills I never even thought existed while in a friendly and positive atmosphere. 

Bailey M.

12th grade, Mitty High School


 Andrew helped my son focus on his weaker areas and still maintain his skills on the stronger areas. Andrew did this with a very limited amount of time. 

Sheela M.P.

Willow Glen High School parent


 My daughter found the tutoring very helpful. Karen was easy for her to work with, and provided valuable instruction. She improved her SAT score from 1230 to 1430. She was very happy and felt that the tutoring made a huge difference for her. 

Leland High School parent


 The staff are so caring and really care about my success! Their tutoring is by far the best in the country. I live in Massachusetts, but I still turn to AJ because no other tutoring company helps me like they do. 

Jason K.

12th grade, Milton Academy

It really helped prepare me for the SAT and ACT. I realize that if I hadn't gotten help from AJ Tutoring, I would have been walking into the SAT and ACT blind, not knowing what to expect. I'm glad I got tutoring because it ... Read More

Ryan R.

11th grade, De La Salle High School

 Everything was helpful, all the packets, all the meetings. Would not change it. Because of my own success with this, I feel that this service is second to none and I really feel that anyone of any level would benefit greatly from this. 

Jason K.

11th grade, Milton Academy (Massachusetts)

 I found it was very helpful for me! I love the holistic process their tutors offer, including content review, time drills, small tips, and thorough instruction regarding every aspect of the test. 

Emily R.

11th grade, Piedmont High School

 [My tutor] seriously cared about how I was doing; he kept in touch though emails and reminded me, not in a nagging way, but in the way a teacher would remind you to stay on track and strive for your best. 

Lea L.

11th grade, Santa Rosa High School

 I learned so much but also enjoyed it as well. It was a good experience for me and I really believe if someone needed a tutor for ACT, this is the perfect place to look. 

Francesca L.

11th grade, Justin-Siena High School

Being able to connect with my tutor on a level where he understood my thought process and what would help me was incredibly beneficial in my tutoring. Relating concepts to everyday life and making the SAT more of a game than ... Read More

Abigail C.

11th grade, Justin-Siena High School

 I think the tutors are extremely invested in our learning and they are extremely helpful not only with their resources, but also with the knowledge that they provide. 

Jay B.

11th grade, Mission San Jose High School

My tutor quickly developed an individualized plan in order to ensure improvement in my score. Within the first couple of sessions my score increased, that even surprised me. Without the help of my tutor, I doubt I could have ... Read More

Gaby V.

12th grade, Terra Linda High School

I have already shared AJ Tutoring's information with numerous friends because it changes the way you look at standardized testing. I am no longer scared of the SAT. I have a better understanding of it and that can help benefit ... Read More

Abigail C.

11th grade, Justin-Siena High School

 I enjoyed it - it made SAT tutoring enjoyable and was constructive. I enjoyed the clear ways to succeed with certain strategies, which made the test more accessible and easy to depict. 

Ellie S.

Marin Academy

 AJ Tutoring was really helpful in preparing for the SAT in a short amount of time. It's not overkill like some SAT classes. 

Lauren S.

Monte Vista High School

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