1-on-1 Supplemental Academic Enrichment Courses

Our extracurricular Academic Core Enrichment (ACE) programs help students elevate their reading, writing, math, and study skills in less time!


Level-up with Academic Core Enrichment (ACE) programs

Our 1-on-1 enrichment tutoring courses are offered at all AJ Tutoring locations (and online) and provide students with specific strategies and skills to elevate their academic performance in a variety of subjects.

Enroll in a course and make quick progress in core academic skills! Our ACE courses are ideal for students who:

  • Are struggling with core skills and want to fill gaps in their knowledge
  • Want enrichment opportunities outside of what school can provide
  • Hope to “jump a lane” at school and need to build skills in order to successfully make that transition
  • Students who experienced “learning loss” during the pandemic and are looking for ways to make up that deficit as they continue with school

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Level up with stand-alone English, math, and study skills enrichment tutoring programs!

Our core academic offerings provide the foundation of your student’s educational success

Study Skills

Building study and organizational skills is crucial to success in school and beyond — learn how to learn. 


From composition to vocabulary, students’ writing benefits most from targeted practice.


Students learn the key skills and strategies that underlie everything from Kindergarten to Calculus.

Academic enrichment courses FAQs

What kinds of students benefit from personalized Academic Core Enrichment (ACE) courses?

  • Students who want to prepare for more advanced coursework
  • Students who want to identify and fill in content gaps
  • Students who tend to do well on homework but struggle on tests
  • Students who want to build confidence and speed in their coursework


Who teaches these courses?

Your student will work with an experienced subject matter expert who has been specially trained to guide you through our academic enrichment courses.

How does this differ from your regular academic tutoring?

While academic tutoring supports students with their school coursework, academic enrichment courses use 100% AJ Tutoring materials to help students build skills in a predetermined number of sessions.

How long are they? What is the time commitment?

The number of sessions is determined by students’ performance on the initial assessment, but typically ranges from 4.5 to 9 hours of instructional time and 30-90 minutes of homework each week.

Are there any prerequisites?

No prerequisites! Each of our programs starts with a diagnostic assessment that allows us to determine your student’s unique strengths and areas for growth.

When can we start?

All of our academic enrichment programs are built around your schedule and can begin at any time.

Let’s discuss your student!

Whether your student is in kindergarten or starting college, we can help them elevate their core academic skills.

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