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Our private chemistry tutors are gifted teachers with deep expertise in their subject. Their students consistently earn high grades in class and score among the top percentiles on the SAT II Chemistry Subject Test and the AP Chemistry Exam.

The AJ chemistry tutoring experience

Our tutors are experienced with the unique chemistry curricula used by the most demanding schools in the Bay Area.



During the school year, our chemistry tutors typically meet with students once a week for 90 minutes. Students may request special sessions in the run-up to major tests or projects.


Our chemistry tutors design their sessions to supplement their students’ work in class. Specific topics that our tutors frequently cover include atomic structure, chemical bonding, acids and bases, and molar calculations.

AP Chemistry

AJ tutors have studied chemistry intensively at the college level and are passionate about assisting AP Chemistry students, both in class and on the AP Chemistry Exam.

Learn how our chemistry tutors can distill the overwhelming quantity of material covered in high school chemistry to the key concepts a student needs to understand to master the class.

Advice from our top chemisty tutoring expert.

 It is not just about learning every concept in chemistry it’s about synthesizing those ideas into key ideas and applying them successfully on the class material. 
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Chemistry comes alive

When you see an interesting idea or learn something new that is immediately relevant to your life, you gain a new appreciation for the world. We help students engage with ideas, and learn how to organize their thinking, so they succeed for years to come.

Meet some of our chem experts.

Chris Dunlap, Chemisty Tutor, SAT test Prep Tutor, Biology Tutor, Spanish Language tutor

Chris Dunlap

Woodside Tutoring Center Director and Chemistry Tutor

Raphael Nussbaum

Academic Chemistry Expert

Christina Ha Online Chemistry Tutor AJ Tutoring

Christina Ha

Chemistry Tutoring Expert

Let's discuss your student's chemistry tutoring needs! Our professional chem tutors are here to help.

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