Environmental science tutoring


We help you understand the interrelationships of the natural world.

Beyond Basics

In a challenging environmental science class, a cursory understanding of scientific basics doesn’t hack it. We help you go beyond basics and master this complex interdisciplinary field.

Interdisciplinary Approach

Our tutoring, promotes a deep understanding of rudimentary geology, biology, chemistry, geography, and environmental concepts, which enables us to help you conquer both your the AP environmental science class and the AP exam.

Coaching with Inquiry Based Investigations

Our environmental science experts help you critically observe environmental systems, understand and analyze well-designed experiments, analyze and interpret data including appropriate statistical graphical presentations, think analytically and apply concepts to communicate accurately and meaningfully about their observations about the natural world.

Our environmental science tutoring process.


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Examine Interconnections

We work with you to examine the interconnections of the natural world

Explore Problems

We help you identify and analyze environmental problems 

Evaluate Risks

We help you evaluate the relative risks associated environmental problems

Think Critically about Solutions

We teach you to analyze solutions for resolving or preventing problems

Learn About the Scientific Process

We teach you about the scientific process from hypothesis → experimental design → conclusions

Interpret Data

We coach you to accurately interpret and understand data presented in graphs charts and tables 


Knowing how to help your student is difficult.

You have a lifetime of experience to share, but it’s difficult for students to process feedback from their parent. Our team is skilled at connecting with students and committed to communicating with parents. We’re here to help your student learn.

Environmental science frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How long is the APES exam?

3 hours

How is the APES exam structured?

The AP Environmental Science exam has two sections:

  • Multiple choice; 100 questions ;90 minutes; 60% of the exam score
  • Free response; four questions; 90 minutes; 40% of exam score

How do I know I'm getting a great Environmental Science tutor?

We select tutors who:

  1. are passionate about education
  2. have expert Environmental Science content knowledge
  3. are skilled at communicating
  4. are conscientious team players

Then we support them with on-going training and mentoring.

How do you train environmental science tutors?

You’ll benefit from working with a tutor who:

  • Passed a rigorous initial assessment test (only 20% of prospective tutors pass)
  • Met with a subject specific department head to review the assessment exam
  • Attended a 3-hour study skills training that we follow up with extensive 1-on-1 coaching
  • Participated in 12-50 hours of mentoring to review the local high school environmental science curriculum and practice teaching skills
  • Meets weekly with a team leader to talk through his students
  • Meets monthly with his fellow environmental science tutors to share best practices at department meetings
  • Participates in semi-yearly finals prep training and monthly teaching enrichment seminars

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