Anatomy and Physiology

Are you interested in a medical or allied-health career? Join us for an anatomy and physiology class with a clinical twist!

Locations: Burlingame, Menlo Park

Cost: $120-$150/hr

Recommended hours: 9-12


  • Understand how the anatomical structure of the human body determines its physiological function
  • Incorporate clinical thought as a means of preparing students for medical/allied health careers

To Enroll Call (650) 331-3251 / (408) 345–5200


Course Description:

This summer course is designed to provide medically-oriented students with a basic understanding of the structure, function, and disorders of the human body. Emphasis will be on the human levels of organization and the systems involved with support and movement as wells as control and regulation.

Make the Most of the Summer!

Students who stay actively engaged in the learning process during the summer perform better during the school year.

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