High School Essay Writing Boot Camp

Location: Online

Meets: Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, 10:30am-12:00pm

Hours: 9 hours

Begins: July 22nd, 2024

Costs: $525


  • Prepare students for the demands of high school essay work
  • Develop students’ confidence and independence in their writing
  • Establish strong writing habits

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Course Description:

High school introduces new expectations for students’ writing and for independence in the writing process. This group class lays the foundations for high school essay writing in 9th and 10th grade by teaching students each stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to revision, so that students can approach their high school essays with confidence. Students will learn how to break down an essay prompt, plan effectively to avoid writing at the last minute, outline and draft their essays, and revise their own (and others’) work. Between each class, students will complete homework assignments in order to prepare a full essay of their own. 


Classroom Lesson #1: Monday, July 22nd 10:30-12:00pm

Classroom Lesson #2: Wednesday, July 24th 10:30-12:00pm

Classroom Lesson #3: Friday, July 26th 10:30-12:00pm

Classroom Lesson #4: Monday, July 29th 10:30-12:00pm

Classroom Lesson #5: Wednesday, July 31st 10:30-12:00pm

Classroom Lesson #6: Friday, August 2nd 10:30-12:00pm

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