Financial Literacy for Young Adults

Got money? Know what to do with it? If you answered, “spend it!” this course is for you. If you answered, “save it!” this course is still for you. Thinking more about your finances now is the first step in a successful financial future. Let’s talk about the ways to get more bang for your buck and to achieve your financial goals, beyond the black and white of “spend” and “save”.

Locations:  Menlo Park, Online

Cost: $150/hr.

Recommended hours: 6-9


  • Discuss the difference between banks and credit unions and their different accounts.
  • Tips and tricks to save.
  • Budgeting tips.
  • Discuss the credit score system and its function.
  • Learn about the different types of credit cards.
  • Learn about the different types of student loans.
  • Investing basics

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Course Description:

As high school students approach graduation, college entrance, and beyond, they often face a great deal of confusion about money matters: it’s there, it’s not, it’s lost in the shuffle now that cash is entering obsolescence and plastic seems to be the way of things. Many students may already have a credit card or checking/savings account, but do they really understand what happens every time they swipe/tap/insert credit cards or type in credit card information online?

This course is about starting a conversation about money and credit and how to get on track and stay on track. Entering college and on to adulthood, several things may happen that can boost or sink credit scores and/or savings accounts. In session, we will try to identify some of those big moments and ways to save now for when life happens any time, and hopefully avoid the avoidable debts.

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