Foundations of High School Science

Forgot what you learned in middle school science? No problem! This class will review the most important concepts from life science, earth science, and physical science that you’ll continue to need in your high school science coursework.

Locations: Los Gatos, Saratoga

Cost: $110/hr.

Recommended hours: 15


  • Review key material needed for high school biology, chemistry, and physics courses
  • Address gaps in content knowledge
  • Develop positive habits for studying science at the high school level
  • Briefly review other science topics not covered in depth in the high school sciences

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Course Description:

Adaptable to students’ past history with science in middle school, this course will cover key topics typically taught in middle school in the fields of life science, physical science, and earth science. While laying a strong foundation for high school courses by reviewing material key to high school science classes, we will also coach students through the process of developing strong study skills and reasoning skills essential for the study of science. Students will learn to take effective notes, use textbooks effectively, and reinvigorate their passion for science.

Foundations of High School Science Topics:

Life Science

Cell structure, body systems, Mendelian genetics, mutations, asexual vs. sexual reproduction, photosynthesis, interactions of organisms, and adaptation & evolution.

Physical Science

Atoms & molecules, states of matter, thermal energy, forces & motion, electricity & magnetism, potential & kinetic energy, and waves.

Earth Science

The water cycle, weather, oceans & climate, the rock cycle, plate tectonics with earthquakes & volcanoes, renewable resources, the solar system, and gravity.

Make the Most of the Summer!

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