How to Read Poetry

Let us go then, you and I
When the evening is spread out against the sky…

To learn how to read poetry!
Poetry is a critical component of the AP Literature curriculum and the SAT subject Literature exam. Analyzing, discussing, and writing about the poetic form are essential for a student’s reading and writing development.

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Cost: $150/hr.

Recommended hours: 6-9


  • Recognize poetical building blocks, such as rhyme and metaphor
  • Discuss, analyze, and write about Romantic, Victorian, Modern, and Shakespearean poetry
  • Increase confidence when speaking about the poetic form
  • Integrate poetic analysis into argumentative writing
  • Translate skills learned in session to AP English Language or Literature class

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Course Description:

In this concise but powerful course, students will learn the fundamentals of poetry as inroads to a deeper understanding of the literary genre. Students will gain a knowledge and respect for poetical tropes and techniques, ultimately leading to more sophisticated written responses to poetry.

Poetry appears throughout high school and college in English class curriculums and on standardized exams. Many students find poetry selections to be the most difficult texts to understand, so this course will give students the tools to better comprehend and appreciate poetry.

Whether you are brand new to reading and writing about poetry or a veteran, this class will be sure to provide insightful context and methods for interpretation and analysis.

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