Here’s Looking at Euclid: An Introduction to Geometry

Explore the fundamentals of geometry and formal logic through the founder of systematic geometry, Euclid.

Locations: Palo Alto, Los Altos

Cost: $100/hr.

Recommended hours: 8-12


  • Learn the basics of triangle and circle geometry
  • Understand and apply terms such as axiom, converse and postulate
  • Starting with only a circle and a straight line, build triangles, parallelograms, and squares
  • Rediscover pi, circle equations, and the origins of calculus
  • Learn to reason logically and follow a step-by-step proof
  • Fascinate geometry beginners and pros alike!

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Course Description:

This one-on-one course is designed to introduce students to the cornerstone of geometry—proofs. Students will read and discuss the original proofs of the Greek geometer Euclid.

In the Intro to Geometry course, students will develop their critical reasoning skills by starting with premises and following multi-step arguments. They’ll learn terms such as axiom, postulate, and converse, be able to distinguish between different kinds of theorems and statements, and understand the difference between guessing at something and proving it with certainty. Starting with just a handful of definitions and postulates, students will build and discover the properties of triangles, parallelograms, squares, and tangents.

Students will also dip into the works of other great mathematical thinkers, such as Archimedes and Sir Isaac Newton, to discover the origins of pi, circle equations, and calculus. Beginners will be excited to discover the basics of geometry for themselves, while more advanced students will be fascinated to explore the foundations on which all modern geometry is based.

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