Let Your Brain Loose!

High school can be a difficult experience: keeping up with all the classwork and managing teenage life is a challenge. This class is designed for students who are entering 9th grade or just finished 9th or 10th grade and want to learn skills that will help them feel confident and ready to excel in high school.

Locations: Palo Alto

Cost: $100/hr.

Recommended hours: 4-8


  • Develop logic skills through puzzles
  • Solve brain teasers that you can then use to look awesome at parties
  • Use math to build amazing and seemingly impossible structures and knick-knacks
  • Pique a student’s interest in the field of mathematics

To Enroll Call (650) 331-3251 / (408) 345–5200


Course Description:

Math courses in school are structured around practicing basics. This is great, as it helps us builds a strong foundation, but it means we are rarely let loose to explore math.

Well, it’s summer: let’s change that. At every level of math, there are puzzles to solve, projects to build, and limits to ignore. In this 1-on-1 course, we will do it all, and who knows? We might even have some fun!

Make the Most of the Summer!

Students who stay actively engaged in the learning process during the summer perform better during the school year.

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