LGBTQ+ History

What do Ancient Rome, the Wild West and today’s Armed Forces have in common? From the Stone Age to Stonewall and well into today, this course will cover the history of the LGBTQ+ community. Learn the story of our diverse past and the challenges that our community is overcoming today.

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  • Establish the historical background of queer and trans people.
  • Explore the sociopolitical atmosphere throughout history surrounding LGBTQ+ people and its impact.
  • Learn about modern issues that LGBTQ+ people face in law and society.
  • Teach a well-rounded, unbiased account of LGBTQ+ history, allowing students to navigate these issues in their community in an informed manner

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Course Description:

LGBTQ+ History, as a course, serves to recognize gender and sexual diversity throughout human history from the ancient world, Industrial Revolution, and modern day, while also drawing parallels between the past and modern day.

The ancient history segment of the course addresses the role of gender and sexuality in Western and Eastern Civilizations, as well as the Americas. Subjects covered include political and societal views on same sex attraction in the Roman Empire, third gender people in South Asia and the Indian Subcontinent, and the role of two-spirit people in First Nation societies. The objective of covering LGBTQ+ people in ancient history is to challenge the notion that humanity, by tradition, has been completely heteronormative and binary.

This course will also discuss LGBTQ+ people of the Industrial Revolution and modern day. Subjects covered include the impact Industrialization, Colonialism, and American Expansionism had on gender and sexual expression throughout the world. We also discuss the effect that modern innovations, such as the internet and social media, have had on our community. Students will learn about recent legislation, court rulings, and actions taken by the UN that have an impact on the future of the LGBTQ+ community. Modern issues we will address include Obergefell v. Hodges, North Carolina HB1, religious freedom laws, international travel, HIV/AIDS, and healthcare inequality.

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