The Magic of Miyazaki

Combine your love of anime and the films of Hayao Miyazaki with academics in a multimedia format!

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Cost: $130/hr

Recommended hours: 6-9


  • hone observational skills
  • develop the ability to describe and analyze visuals
  • develop discussion and argumentation skills
  • learn effective storytelling and the artistic process

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Course Description:

Hayao Miyazaki’s classic films transcend genre and defy easy description. Since his earliest works of anime were released more than 40 years ago, generations of filmgoers have marveled at his ambitious storytelling and awe-inspiring artistic presentation. In this course, we’ll explore the magical world of Miyazaki through selected films, articles, and documentaries. Students will develop their skills in notetaking; gathering information from various sources; and paraphrasing, summarizing, and discussing their opinions, with an emphasis on exploration and original thinking.

We will focus on identifying and analyzing the characteristic themes, motifs and messages present throughout Miyazaki’s work. To aid in that understanding, we’ll learn about the Japanese culture, folklore, history and mythology, all of which inform and frame his imaginary worlds. We’ll also explore the creative process from conception to completed work and draw connections to other artistic and creative traditions from around the world.

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