From Dreaming to Doing: Project Planning Basics

Do you have a vision for a project or event but don’t know where to begin? In this course, you can learn about how to bring your idea to life!

Locations: Los Altos

Cost: $100/hr.

Recommended hours: 5-7


  • Learn the basics of project management, such as managing finances, coordinating partnerships, goal-setting, and marketing
  • Understand the tools needed to coordinate every level of project/event design and production
  • Create a plan to ensure effective, timely completion of your project

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Course Description:

This course is for students who are creative thinkers and change-makers, already coming up with ways to make a positive impact on their communities. If students have an idea for a project/event, this course will help them manage the moving parts that come with event planning and project management. They will learn how to develop a detailed plan to bring it to fruition by the end of the summer. For students, designing and directing a project or event is great way to do community service while also developing “career-ready” skills, such as creative problem-solving, leadership, verbal and written communication, and strong work ethic.

The focus of this course will depend on the student’s project idea. Students may be at different places of the planning process, but with personalized instruction, they will have the specific support needed to take their project to the next level. Some overarching concepts in project planning that will be covered include finances (if applicable), marketing and outreach, professional communication, and goal-setting.

From looking at the bigger picture to the smaller details, this course will help students understand what it takes to turn their idea into reality and make their mark on the world!

Make the Most of the Summer!

Students who stay actively engaged in the learning process during the summer perform better during the school year.

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