Summer Computer Science Java Bootcamp

Programming is a collaborative undertaking, so this 8-week course will help students learn Java in groups, pairs and on their own, all the while working towards and completing a project that is uniquely theirs.

Locations: Saratoga, Los Altos, Menlo Park

Cost: $1500

Hours: 32 hours of class time, 9 hours of one-on-one instruction


  • Prepare students to succeed in their upcoming AP computer science course in a one-on-one setting
  • Introduce and shore up fundamental concepts in Java
  • Instill an understanding of the upcoming year’s curriculum in the context of real-world applications

To Enroll Call (650) 331-3251 / (408) 345–5200


Course Description:

This 8 week course will be comprised of a mix of project-based applications of JAVA and theoretical concepts critical to understanding the first semester of AP Computer Science. Starting with the core components of JAVA, students will explore coding and theory in an environment modeled after the best coding bootcamps. Students will learn to problem solve and write code in groups, pairs and on their own. Each week, they’ll build on the lessons from the week before to develop their very own 2D game. Students will end the summer with a portfolio-ready application, as well as the confidence needed to succeed in their AP Computer Science classes.

Beginners and intermediate students welcome!

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Make the Most of the Summer!

Students who stay actively engaged in the learning process during the summer perform better during the school year.

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