Trigonometry/Precalculus Primer

Do you want to prepare for your upcoming course on trigonometry/precalculus? AJ Tutoring can help prepare you for the world of the unit circle and the assortment of concepts that comprise the trig/precalc course.

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Cost: $120/hr.

Recommended hours: 9-12


  • Understand the unit circle and trigonometric functions
  • Learn how to show trigonometric identities
  • Learn how to graph conic sections and vectors
  • Review or introduce logarithms and matrices
  • Functions from a calculus perspective

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Course Description:

This 1-on-1 class introduces students to trigonometry and focuses on the trigonometric side of the trig/precalc course. The course is designed to familiarize students with the unit circle and the other central concepts. We will cover the unit circle and trigonometric functions, methods for proving trigonometric identities, understanding functions as they relate to calculus, and major concepts such as conic sections, vectors, and matrices.

Students will be taught the best methods for learning trigonometric functions, graphing these functions, and proving trigonometric identities. They will learn how to graph and distinguish conic sections, graph and combine vectors, and work with matrices to solve systems of equations. They will also be taught how to look at functions from a calculus viewpoint, looking at limits and infinity.

Trigonometry/Precalculus Primer Topics:

We will select and teach the topics that will best match your student’s level and interest and build a personally tailored curriculum from these sample lessons.


Definition, notation, graphing, properties, inverses


Unit circle, graphing, trig identities, trig proofs, solving trig equations

Conic Sections

Circles, ellipses, parabolas, and hyperbolas


Business math, vectors, projectile motion

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