Understanding Global Finance

Have you ever wondered what the stock market is, or how stocks get their prices? What is an “IPO,” and what does it mean to get “vested”? And why don’t we hear more about the bond market when the daily value exchanged is nearly three times the value of that traded on the stock market? We’ll explore these questions and discuss how you could grow a company (and perhaps even sell it and retire early) in this fast-paced economics course!

Locations: Menlo Park, Online

Cost: $150/hr

Recommended hours: 12-18


  • Understand accounting statements and learn how they inform valuation of a company (e.g. stock price)
  • Understand how companies access investable funds at various stages
  • Get a sense of what bonds are, how they’re priced, and why they’re such a big deal
  • Learn about the ways to structure a company (e.g. single owner, LLC, corporation) and make a financial plan for a potential business

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Course Description:

Everyone has heard of the stock market, but trying to explain how it works and what it’s comprised of can leave people feeling confused and uncertain. This course will help demystify these large financial concepts. Students will work with their instructor to understand some of the buzz words that are thrown around the financial industry (like IPO, vesting, income statement, balance sheet, and so forth). This course can be customized to fit students’ interests.

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