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Our team of college consultants have in-depth knowledge of local high schools, expertise with college entrance exams, and 20 years as an educational thought leader in the Bay Area that puts us in a unique position to know what it takes to get into a college that will be an excellent fit for you.

Two options for college application help


Comprehensive college counseling services

Our college consultants will support your student through the college application process from start to finish. We advise on high school course selection and activities, help create the college list, guide the college essay process, support in filling out applications, and consult on the final college decision.

Package cost: $6800


Hourly advising and college application help

Just looking for a consultant to review part of your student’s college application, answer questions about the college application process, or advise on high school course selection or application strategy? Our college consultants are available on an as-needed hourly basis as well.

Hourly rate: $215/hour


What sets AJ Tutoring’s college consultants apart?

Team approach. Our team of college admissions counselors meets regularly to do a round-table review of students’ college lists, college essay drafts, and completed applications. Multiple consultants review your application and provide feedback so nothing is missed.

Focus on project management. Applying to colleges is a major undertaking that requires planning ahead, organization, and close attention to deadlines. Our college consultants are experienced in supporting students with executive functioning tasks and moving the college application project to completion.

Up to date information. AJ Tutoring’s college consultants stay up to date on the latest developments in college admissions, and we bring the relevant information to you to guide your student’s application strategy.

Some of the college application services we offer

Course selection and resume advising

College list development

College Application strategy

College essay consulting and editing

Application organization and deadline management

Final college application review

FAQs about college admissions counseling at AJ Tutoring

When do you start working with students on the college application process?

The primary work of building the college list and beginning college applications starts in the spring semester of junior year. However, we welcome students earlier in their high school career so that we can advise on course selection, extracurricular activities, summer plans, and more. Setting a course early in high school will help students present a more compelling application to colleges.

Do your college consultants meet with students online or in person?

We can meet with you either online or in-person. We typically meet with students online. Meeting online provides more flexibility in the pacing and duration of meetings, and allows the college consultant and student to collaborate over Google Docs and our college planning software. However, if your student has learning differences and is unable to meet online, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do!

I think my student may need additional help from a college essay consultant beyond what the counseling package provides. Can I add extra hours?

Yes! We will stay in communication with you about your student’s progress and let you know how things are going with college essays. If more time is needed, we have college essay coaches on staff who collaborate directly with our college consultants and can meet with your student on an hourly basis to fine-tune their college essays.

My student is interested in art school (or another niche program). Can you help with those applications?

Maybe! We’re happy to talk with you about your student’s plans and college.We’re not experts in every program, and will refer you to other trusted college counselors if your student’s needs are outside of our area of expertise (like portfolio review for a fine arts program or video creation for an athlete).

Do your college admissions consultants advise on financial aid?

Our college consultants will provide limited guidance on financial aid. We’ll keep you updated on FAFSA and CSS Profile application openings, deadlines, and best practices, and we’ll encourage your student to research and fill out scholarship applications. However, we refer families out to financial aid advisors for help with the finer details and strategies of financial aid.

My student is a senior. Is it too late?

We can absolutely still help. The focus will be more on organization and logistics than on the crafting and curation of a comprehensive narrative, but we can still help extensively in managing the process.

My student is getting help from a school counselor, but we would like more. Does your college counseling team collaborate?

To the best of our abilities, we will work in tandem and cooperate with any other professional who is supporting your student, and willing to work with us.

Meet a few of our professional college consultants

Karen Warwick College Admissions Counsultant at AJ Tutoring

Karen Warwick

Locations served: 
In-Person San Jose, Online

“I believe that learning is about recognizing and leveraging our innate capacities, and committing to our growth with zeal and humility. In my role as a college admission counselor, I appreciate the opportunity to facilitate this beautiful process, matching individual potential with ideal educational environments and paving the way for students to explore, evolve, and excel.

Matt Furman College Admission Counselor at AJ Tutoring

Matt Furman

Locations served:

“For most students, the college admissions are daunting and overly mystified tasks. My goal is to dispel these myths and help you find and get into your perfect college match.”

Peggy Andersen

Locations served: 
Los Gatos (Los Gatos Blvd.)

“Guiding young minds to discover their perfect academic match and unlock their full potential is not just my profession, it’s my passion. I find immense joy in the journey of college admission counseling, where each student’s unique story transforms into a blueprint for their future success.”

Our directors are ready to share their college admissions counseling experience.

Your professional College Admissions Counselor will collaborate with you to create a customized plan to help you reach your admissions goals.

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