Audrey Carvalho Goncalves

Academic Tutor

My passion for education and tutoring stems from a lifelong love of learning and a desire to share my passion with others. I first started tutoring during my college years when I realized how fulfilling it was to help my peers understand complex topics. I loved helping my classmates achieve their academic goals. Seeing the progress and confidence that my fellow college students gained through personalized guidance inspired me to pursue tutoring as a career. I enjoy tutoring because I find the one-on-one interaction allows me to tailor my teaching methods to each student’s unique needs.

I was born and raised in Toulouse, France, where I developed a deep appreciation for the French language and culture. I pursued my college education at Toulouse II in France, where I earned a degree in French as a second language. My educational journey taught me the importance of a strong foundation in language skills and the value of cultural context in language learning. These takeaways now inform my approach to tutoring. I strive to make language learning engaging and relevant for my students by incorporating cultural insights and practical usage into my lessons.

My interest in tutoring French specifically comes from a deep-rooted passion for my native language and its rich literary heritage. I have always found joy in the nuances of French grammar and the beauty of its literature. What fascinates me about teaching French to new students is observing their initial curiosity and gradual mastery of the language. It’s incredibly satisfying to see students begin to think in French and appreciate the subtleties of expression that the language offers.

My interest in tutoring K-8 subjects stems from a passion for foundational education. It is fascinating to watch students’ initial curiosity and excitement as they explore new topics and develop their understanding. Their enthusiasm and unique perspectives make each tutoring session a dynamic and enriching experience. In addition to French language tutoring, I also assist students with test preparation for exams such as AP French and DELF. This experience has enhanced my ability to teach under the pressure of standardized testing and to equip students with strategies to excel in timed environments.

I have been tutoring French for over 10 years, beginning with informal sessions with peers and expanding to professional tutoring roles. In addition to tutoring French, I have taught ESL and Robotics for 9 years, where I developed structured lesson plans and classroom management skills. Each experience has reinforced my belief in the power of personalized education and the importance of adapting teaching methods to individual learning styles. I have grown as an educator by continuously learning new pedagogical techniques and staying updated with the latest educational resources.

My tutoring approach is student-centered and flexible, focusing on the specific needs and goals of each learner. I utilize the one-on-one format to create customized lesson plans that address individual strengths and weaknesses. Common tools I employ include interactive exercises, multimedia resources, and practical conversation practice. I am particularly successful at helping students overcome challenges with French grammar and pronunciation, as well as building their confidence in speaking and writing. I am passionate about making learning an enjoyable and enriching experience. I believe that a positive and encouraging environment is key to student success. My goal is to inspire a lifelong love of learning in each of my students.

In addition to tutoring, I enjoy doing street photography, exploring new culinary recipes, traveling to immerse myself in different cultures, and listening to music. These activities help me relax and stay creative, which in turn enhances my teaching approach.


Subjects Tutored:

Academic French
Academic K-8


Happy Parents and Students

 My tutor was extremely helpful with all kinds of French. My tutor also made fun games to learn how to say different words like a drawing contest and how to say each clothing item.  Read what others are saying

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