Brett Jenkins

Test Prep Tutor

I grew up in Salt Lake City as the oldest of four siblings. As any oldest sibling will tell you, being a teacher and mentor comes with the territory. In high school, I started volunteering with Write On! Workshops, a creative writing intensive for students aged 6-14, where I helped kids develop research skills, explore new forms of writing, and even become more confident public speakers. It was amazing to see what each kid was capable of with the right guidance and support. I continued to volunteer with Write On throughout high school and even into my first year of college, and since then, I’ve searched for new opportunities to teach wherever I go.

While completing my undergraduate degree in economics in rural Michigan, I decided to pursue teaching more formally. I set up shop as a tutor specializing in economics, computer science, and English. In contrast to the enthusiastic kids I worked with at Write On, I was confronted with a new challenge: when we started working together, these college students were never happy to be studying. However, I found that once I was able to help a student get past a difficult challenge, the excitement about learning that they might have lost as a kid started to come out again. No matter what age range I’m working with, I’ve always found that enthusiasm is the key to success.

Outside of my tutoring practice, I volunteered as a mentor on the Alma College Model United Nations team, helping develop the highest ranked MUN team in the nation. I was also awarded the Posey Global Leadership Scholarship to teach students internationally in India.

As a test prep tutor, I enjoy helping my students find enthusiasm for learning, even as they tackle these daunting tests, and develop the test taking skills, hone strategies, and review core content. I am passionate about helping students open doors for their futures, whatever their goals might be.

When I’m not teaching, I love composing music, playing board games, and cooking for my friends. I’m also passionate about my own creative writing projects.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Computer Science
Academic K-8
Academic Study Skills
AP Computer Science A
AP Computer Science Principles




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