Callie Nguyen

Academic Tutor

Despite spending the majority of my adulthood practicing art and studying graphic design, I switched my academic interest and never looked back after attending my first Intro to Statistics class. I went to UC Berkeley for my undergrad and graduated with a statistics degree with a focus on Data and Cognitive Science. 

During this time, I was inspired by multiple amazing educators, had an opportunity to work with a few different educational programs, and found my passion in teaching. I worked with high school and community college students at Chabot College for two and a half years as a lead tutor as well as a teaching assistant. I also participated in the Academic Support program run by Hayward District that helped middle school and high school students with their schoolwork. Through these experiences I learned how to work with a variety of students whose background and knowledge differed significantly, from high schoolers studying for their SAT tests to returning students trying to finish their degrees.

In response, I developed a flexible and adaptable teaching style. During my sessions, I like to spend time getting to know the students — their goals, habits, passions, dislikes — so that I can experiment with different ways of teaching and learning with them. This process helps me personalize my approach and, especially during 1-on-1 sessions, help my students develop confidence and mastery. Though I adapt my approach to each student, there are certain tools I employ frequently as a tutor, such as visualizations, “cheat sheets”, and graphs to assist my students with systematizing their knowledge.

I enjoy helping high school students with their math courses because I know that statistics and math are not everyone’s cup of tea. I also enjoy helping elementary and middle school students develop their core math, reading, writing, and study skills to set them up for success moving forward. It’s always my goal to turn the learning process into a fun and enlightening experience. My hope is that my students will see the beauty in the subjects they study and fall in love with the learning process. I pride myself on being a compassionate educator as well as a risk taker, so I want to bring out my students’ best selves and encourage them to be confident in their abilities to take on big risks themselves. I believe that each and every student has the ability to learn statistics and math given the right approach, and my goal is to find the ones that click and bring out the most potential in my students.

My favorite pastimes include cooking, hanging out with my cat, and practicing calligraphy. I can cook some mean Vietnamese dishes, have legible cursive, and my cat seems to like me, so I consider myself successful in my hobbies.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Calculus
Academic Geometry
Academic IAC
Academic Pre-Calculus
Academic Trigonometry
AP Calculus AB
AP Calculus BC




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