Chana Goodman

Test Prep and Academic Tutor

I was born in San Francisco and raised in the foothills of the Peninsula. I graduated from UC Berkeley with degrees in near eastern studies and biology, and did graduate work at Columbia University in comparative religion. I learned the most from teachers who knew their subjects very well, and who were dedicated to working closely with their students and helping them progress, so I try to be that kind of teacher and tutor. I have read a lot about neurology, and that has informed how I teach.

I have been teaching science for the last twenty years. I got hooked on teaching while running candle decorating workshops. I found that my favorite part of the events was working with the participants, teaching them how to make and decorate candles. As much as I love teaching a class, tutoring has a special place in my heart. It is so rewarding to work one-on-one with students, and to see them gain skills and confidence.

I taught earth/space science for 4 years, biology for 3 years, physical science for 3 years, chemistry for 12 years, and marine science for 3 years. (I often taught more than one subject each year.) I have tutored math, chemistry and biology on and off for the last 8 years. During this time I learned that content is important, but learning skills are much more significant. I the most important skills are asking questions and discussing information, problem solving, teamwork, and persisting through difficulties when learning something new. Mastering these skills is an excellent predictor of future success.

I love chemistry because it delves into the unseen aspects of the physical world. Atoms and molecules attract, repel, bond, change phase, and do all of it over and over. All of this hidden activity and structure forms the foundation for our world and I find that very exciting! Quite often when students first learn chemistry they find it very challenging. They need to learn a new way of thinking and analyzing facts. It’s very effortful at first, and as the student’s intellect progresses, it gradually gets easier. Mastering difficult content gives students more confidence, more skills and more resilience.

In my free time, I enjoy crafts and candle making. There’s something satisfying about the process of creating something beautiful and unique with my own hands. I like to experiment with different scents and colors for my candles, and I love the sense of accomplishment that comes with each completed craft project. Crafting allows me to express my creativity and unwind after a busy day, while candle making fills my home with delightful aromas and a warm, cozy ambiance. It’s my  escape where I can let my imagination run wild and create something I find special.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Chemistry


Happy Parents and Students

 Chana really helped explain why formulas in chemistry exist in a way that was memorable and easy to comprehend. Additionally, Chana was good at telling me what was likely to be on my tests and assigning practice that closely mirrored the work I was completing at school and the subjects that would be on my tests.   Read what others are saying

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