De Leys Hamm

Academic Tutor

My love for wildlife and the natural world sparked my joy for biology and other sciences at a young age. I wrote some of the longest lab reports in my high school biology class because I enjoyed explaining the biological processes that took place in each experiment. In college, I constantly shared miscellaneous facts from my science courses with friends and classmates for fun.

After graduating from Saint Mary’s College of California with a bachelor’s degree in health science, I found myself drawn to the field of education. I earned a Master of Arts in teaching from the University of San Francisco with a teaching credential in biological sciences. I have taught regular and honors chemistry to high school students in Santa Clara and 6th-8th grade science to students in Campbell. While teaching earth science, life science, and physical science to middle school students, I guided students through the process of competing in the school science fair and the Silicon Valley Synopsis Science Fair. I have also taught several enrichment labs to elementary students. In all these experiences, I have helped students develop note taking, organization, and time management skills. I find these skills to be very empowering for students in their learning.

The joy of learning is incredible and takes students on a remarkable journey through life. Each academic subject and skill can equip students with opportunities to explore, and I believe that with a growth mindset and with the right individualized support and guidance, each student has the ability to shine academically. I find it rewarding to provide students with individualized tutoring and guidance by supporting students’ individual learning styles and developing independent learning skills that they can use to overcome academic challenges currently and in the future. Above all else, I want learning to be fun, interesting, and accessible to all of my students.

My love for learning carries over into other aspects of my life. I enjoy gardening, learning how to cook and bake new recipes, reading, sewing, singing, and playing guitar.

Subjects Tutored:

K-12 Private School Interview, Writing Sample, and Applications
Academic Biology
Academic K-8
AP Biology


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