Jameela Huq

Academic Tutor

My passion for teaching has been evident since my early years. Even in elementary school, I eagerly assisted my seat neighbors with their assignments, taking the time to explain concepts and clarify instructions. Additionally, growing up in a neurodivergent family has given me a unique understanding of the strengths and challenges faced by neurodivergent students, further fueling my enthusiasm for individualized education.

Originally from Illinois, I pursued my academic journey at Northern Illinois University, where I obtained a bachelor’s degree in physics and music, complete with all required pre-med coursework. I paved the way for my research on colon cancer cell motility during my studies in bioengineering at the University of Illinois-Chicago and furthered my expertise with a master’s in science education from the University of Iowa and gained certification to teach all four common core sciences and music.

My fascination with science was sparked by early internet-based NOVA magazine which featured a weekly interactive inquiry-based science game. These adventures encouraged critical thinking and decision-making, laying the foundation for my future passion for inquiry-based education. Aside from my tutoring experience, which started as early as middle school, I have taught classes in AP Chemistry, AP Biology, middle school physical science, and college-level Intro to Physics. I have also done geologic tours of Colorado and China.

My tutoring philosophy centers on fostering connections between knowledge, ensuring a solid foundation for understanding, and utilizing reasoning to solve problems and master content. By incorporating real-life experiences and directing inquiry, I empower students to ask questions and discover answers on their own. Drawing from my own experiences, I understand the importance of mastering both content and approach when it comes to academics and test preparation, and I enjoy coaching students in strategies, such as game strategy and logical inference/deduction, and time management, that serve as tools in creative problem solving that augment mastery of content.  

Outside of tutoring, I find joy in performing music, indulging in ice skating, and embarking on marathon training adventures with my beloved Yorkie.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Biology
Academic Chemistry
AP Biology
AP Chemistry




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