Manasa Susarla

Test Prep & Academic Tutor

I grew up in Sunnyvale and graduated from Fremont High School. I attended UC Davis and earned a degree in biological sciences with the goal of attending medical school. My college education taught me how to work smart rather than work hard. Among other things, I learned note-taking strategies to help deepen my knowledge of a subject in a short amount of time. Altogether, UC Davis provided me with the resources necessary to succeed both in and outside of school.

While taking organic chemistry, I discovered that my study methods weren’t helping and that I needed help. For the first time, I requested tutoring on campus for organic chemistry. After attending tutoring, I noticed improvements in my scores and in my overall grade. Afterwards, I wanted to give back to others and help students in the subjects I excelled in.

During my time at UC Davis, I was an academic volunteer for the UC Davis Women’s Resources and Research Center STEM Café, a free academic support program open to students looking for help with math, coding, and science. I tutored students in general chemistry, general physics for biological sciences, and mathematics. Additionally, I was also a part of the UC Davis Community Service Resource Center Tutor/Mentor Program. I was paired with a 9th grade student from the Davis School of Independent Study, and I mentored and tutored this student in 9th grade math. Lastly, wanting to give back to my high school, I joined the Fremont High School Alumni Mentorship Program. Through this program, I mentored and provided students with resources for summer programs, volunteering organizations, and internships. Through structured workshops, I met with students one-one one to discuss college and career-related questions and gave feedback on resumes and cover letters. I also advised high school students about college apps, life, choosing colleges or careers, classes, pre-med, research and internships, and networking. 

I strongly believe that every student is unique and learns in a different way. Hence, I personalize my tutoring by tailoring my teaching style according to the student’s needs. The 1-on-1 format allows me to build valuable relationships with the student and enables me to customize my sessions. Some general practices I employ while tutoring are to ask guiding questions to further the student’s thinking and help them obtain the correct answer. Additionally, I give practice problems to ensure the student has understood the material. I provide helpful tips and resources to help the student master the concept, and if the student doesn’t understand the topic, I will re-explain in another way to find the explanation that makes sense to them. 

In addition to teaching content, I also aim to help improve students’ confidence. When it comes to standardized tests, students worry because the tests serve as a major part of their future goals and career. In addition to learning the content, I believe technique and strategy are very important to tackle those tests. I help students achieve their goals by teaching them useful test-taking techniques and helping them master the content.

Outside of tutoring, I am a huge photography enthusiast and love taking nature and wildlife photos. I also love art, specifically drawing and oil pastel art. One of my hobbies includes a postage stamp and currency collection: I have stamps from 98 countries and currency from 20 countries. Last but not least, I enjoy reading sci-fi and adventure genre novels.

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Algebra 1
Academic Algebra 2
Academic Computer Science


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