Tehdrienne Wilmoth

Test Prep Tutor

I’ve always known I wanted to pay forward the support I received during high school and college. While I, like many students, worried about the future, my confidence increased greatly with the support of mentors and tutors. These experiences inspired me to offer that same mentorship my students.

I have lived my entire life in the Bay Area, and I attended UC Irvine. I graduated with a degree in biology and a minor in medical humanities. College was a place for me to grow and learn more about what I truly valued in life. Among other things, I learned in college to ask for help. Some of the most meaningful connections with peers and professors came when I didn’t know what next steps to take. Their guidance provided new perspectives and helped me navigate my path forward.

I enjoy tutoring the SAT because I am interested in helping students have as many options as possible to attend higher education. I know that a high score on the SAT can land a student admission to their dream school or give students financial aid to help pay their way through college. To many students the SAT is both daunting and stressful, and I aim to help my students master the techniques that will help them succeed and review core content so that they know what to expect on test day. Above all else, I hope to help them develop their confidence in all aspects of the test.

In my free time, I love to cook at home and go out to eat with friends. I especially enjoy trying new foods and recipes!

Subjects Tutored:

Academic Biology
AP Biology


Happy Parents and Students

 The most helpful part of the tutoring was going over all the different types of questions and reviewing the practice tests.   Read what others are saying

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